Peter Groves

Peter Groves


Peter is a solicitor by profession and the author of a dozen books and many articles on legal subjects, especially copyright.

His legal background and his experience of political activism, together with a wish to see the Society made more democratic, responsive and accountable, led him to become a member of the Society's constitution task force and then to stand for election to the Management Committee. His own experience, and that of many of his clients, has demonstrated to him the importance of the writing profession having effective representation.

While the Society has served its members well over many years, he believes that the interests of authors must be defended with greater vigour now than was necessary in the past. The pace of change in the publishing world and the problems it creates for writers require a robust and professional response. As a member of the Management Committee, Peter will work to rise to the challenge, but while the MC must provide leadership he believes that the Society must also be open and alert to the needs and concerns of authors, including the many who are not yet members.

Peter welcomes any communication about his role in the Society from members, at