The SoA exists to support professional authors of all kinds, whatever you write, translate or illustrate, and however it is published or reaches an audience.  

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The SoA is a trade union for authors representing over 9,500 writers, illustrators and literary translators. We have been advising individuals and speaking out for the profession for more than a century.

A year’s subscription costs less than 15 minutes of a solicitor’s time and all members receive unlimited advice as well as access to a wide range of events and offers, including discounted books and specialist insurance.

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Current rates are:

  • Youth (35 years and under): £69 by Direct Debit, £73 by other methods
  • Full: £97 by Direct Debit; £102 by other methods

Other concessions and quarterly Direct Debits are available from the second year of membership. 

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*Please note: We will take up complaints for members if an issue of general concern to authors is at stake, and the risk and cost preclude individual action, legal proceedings may be undertaken at our expense.We will also be pleased to give guidance and advice (but cannot incur legal expense or become directly involved) in connection with difficulties pending at the time of election or re-election, publishing agreements where the author contributes towards the cost of production, problems arising outside the UK, or a dispute with another author.