A Freedom of Perspective: Audio Drama with the 2018 Shortlist

A Freedom of Perspective

“You can take a radio audience anywhere, but you have to bring them back safely.”
Working in Comics with Kieron Gillen

Working in Comics with Kieron Gillen

'Imagine at the age of 25 you discover pop music. You realise that it's been going on for about one hundred years and there are whole shops full of this stuff for you to explore.'
Diversity and Prizes with Daljit Nagra

Diversity and Prizes with Daljit Nagra

'Given the range of poetry on the current scene I think more prizes would ensure attention was being drawn to a wide range of poetries.'
Life after Winning with Nadifa Mohamed

Life after Winning, with Nadifa Mohamed

'It's difficult to know, when writing, how your work will be perceived, the process of a private work becoming public is very difficult but awards can soften the blow... '
Tax Tips with Barry Kernon

Tax Tips, with Barry Kernon

'GLP cover is reasonable and the premium is extremely low. I would recommend it to any author.'
Book Publicity with Yassine Belkacemi

Book Publicity, with Yassine Belkacemi

'...if you try to work it to a set formula and apply it to each book you work on it is unlikely you will realise the potential of that book'
Non-Fiction with Anne Rooney

Non-Fiction, with Anne Rooney

'Less confident readers are not less interested in the world or intellectually able than fluent or keen readers'
Being a Debut with Joanna Barnard

Being a Debut, with Joanna Barnard

''ve nothing to lose if you keep trying, and everything to regret if you don't. Get resilient. Listen to feedback. Get better. Get knocked, get up and go back for more.'
LGBT YA with Juno Dawson

LGBT YA, with Juno Dawson

'I think, as someone from the LGBT community, I hope for well-rounded characters with all the same interests and foibles as anyone else.'