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ALCS Membership

As a Society Member or Associate, you are entitled to FREE membership of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS). For that reason, when you join we send your name, address and date of birth (for identification purposes only) to ALCS. They will then send you an application form, which we strongly suggest you complete.

If you do not complete this form you will not be registered to receive payments from ALCS.

Why should I join ALCS?

Tony Bradman (Society member and vice-chair of ALCS) says:

"Don't forget to make sure you activate your free ALCS membership. ALCS has had a very successful year and it's very likely that there will be royalty money waiting for any members who have not signed up yet. And in the current climate who can afford to miss out on free money?"

By registering as much information as you can about your books (also articles, broadcasts etc), you maximise your chances of receiving payments from ALCS - the British organisation which handles collective payments to authors e.g. from photocopying in schools and universities, cable transmission in Europe of some TV and radio, and monies from loans from foreign libraries (e.g. in Germany).

For more information, or to print out forms yourself, visit www.alcs.co.uk

About ALCS

Run by writers for writers, the ALCS has distributed over £200 million to writers since its inception in 1977. It is the largest writers' organisation in the UK, with over 70,000 members, and in the last financial year ALCS paid out a total of £18.6 million to over 46,000 writers.

ALCS collects money due to members for secondary uses of their work. These include photocopying, cable retransmission in the UK and overseas, digital reproduction, educational recording and repeat use via the internet. This sort of income is typically made up of small transactions that are difficult for individual writers to monitor, but can be tracked by ALCS.

ALCS membership is open to all types of writers and the successors to deceased writers’ estates. Academic writers, fiction, non-fiction, translators, adaptors, scriptwriters, magazine and journal article writers, editors and children’s writers are all eligible to be ALCS members.

ALCS is dedicated to protecting & promoting Authors' Rights by:

"encouraging the establishment of collective licensing schemes, where appropriate, and ensuring that fees resulting from such schemes are efficiently collected and distributed, and by building an understanding of the value of the contribution writers make to society."

For further information on how to join, eligibility or the other services ALCS offers, visit www.alcs.co.uk or contact alcs@alcs.co.uk.

ALCS members who have not already joined the SoA are entitled to 15 months' SoA membership for the price of 12. Please contact John Scott, Membership Co-ordinator at the ALCS, for the application code when applying. For more information visit www.alcs.co.uk



An annual subscription (£102 or £73 if you're under 35) entitles you to unlimited advice on all aspects of the writing profession.


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