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Educational Writers Group

About the Educational Writers Group

On joining the Society, educational writers automatically become members of our Educational Writers Group (EWG) and receive all EWG mailings. The EWG is run by an elected committee and a professional secretary from the Society.

The committee welcomes feedback from members on professional issues and sees that relevant information is passed on to other EWG members. The committee also welcomes feedback about EWG events or suggestions of topics for future meetings. You can read about the group's aims here.


EWG AGM 2014

Thank you to all those of you who came to the Educational Writers Group AGM on 15 October. A number of suggestions were made from the floor and are addressed below:

1: it was suggested that more of the EWG events should have publishers as speakers. The committee have agreed to discuss this at their next meeting to come up with some suggestions for events and speakers. One possibility might be for members to bring their publisher/editor to next year’s summer social.

2: it was suggested that the Society should have a presence at next year’s Education Show in Birmingham for recruitment purposes. It used to be the case that authors were regularly asked by their publishers to attend the show. However, on consulting with members, it appears that publishers are no longer requesting the presence of their authors to the same extent. That said, the secretary will ask contacts in the industry if they would be willing to place some SoA flyers on their stands.

3: a point was raised about the necessity for authors to ensure that they will receive ALCS payments even if they have assigned copyright. Members are reminded to check that their contracts include a clause clarifying that the author remains entitled to their share of any income arising under a collective licence before signing (and to get their agreements vetted by the contracts team).

4: a discussion took place about how to encourage interest in the EWG mentoring scheme. It was suggested that a competition be set up for student writers, with free membership and mentoring as the prize. The viability of this will be discussed at the next Management Committee meeting.

5: it was suggested that there should be a special discount rate for students. This has already been discussed at length and the SoA has decided not to pursue it. There is a youth concession rate for under 35s.

6: it was suggested that the Society form a special interest group for crime writers. However, there is already a very active Crime Writers’ Association which caters for this genre.

If you have queries or comments regarding any of the above issues please email Bryony Hall


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