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Eligibility Criteria

Before you complete the application form, please check that you meet one of the requirements listed below. If you have any queries, please contact our Membership Department

Membership is open to:

  • writers, illustrators and translators who have had a full-length work traditionally published (not at the author's expense and not only as print-on-demand/ebook), broadcast, or performed commercially;
  • those who have published or broadcast an equivalent body of recognised professional literary work (e.g. articles, short stories, poems, items in other media);
  • those who are the owners/administrators of a deceased author’s estate;
  • those who have self-published or have had a work published on a print-on-demand/ebook only basis and have sold over 300 copies of a single title in print form or 500 copies in ebook form within a 12-month period.

Persons who do not satisfy the requirements above can apply to be an Associate if they:

  • have received an offer to publish or broadcast a full-length work in any format (not at the author’s expense);
  • have received an agreement from a UK agent but have had no work published;
  • have had a work published on a print-on-demand and/or ebook basis (and have not met the sales criteria indicated for Membership – see above);
  • self-publish (and have not met the sales criteria indicated for Membership – see above);
  • have been offered a contract which asks for a contribution towards the costs of publication.

Associates are entitled to the same benefits as Members (e.g. advice and contract vetting) but are not eligible to vote nor to stand for or serve on the Council, the Management Committee or other committees.

Membership and becoming an Associate are subject to election at the discretion of the Management Committee and conditional on payment of subscriptions at the applicable rate.

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An annual subscription (£102 or £73 if you're under 35) entitles you to unlimited advice on all aspects of the writing profession.


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