22-24 September 2017

Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort

Everything a writer needs

  • Network with other literary professionals
  • Share ideas and learn from experts
  • Extend your creative, financial and personal horizons
  • Diversify and expand your skills and your knowledge of the business of writing
  • Succeed in everything that makes you a writer

Whether you’re a published or emerging writer, of fiction or non-fiction, a translator, children’s author, poet or writer for the media, ScotsWrite offers talks and workshops from experts in a variety of areas including marketing, self publishing, changing genre, technology, health and wellbeing, and ergonomics. Plus, there will be a limited number of one-to-one sessions with publishers and agents.

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Enjoy a gala dinner, Ceilidh and drinks receptions with time to mingle, network and explore the exhibitor stands and the bookshop.

Keynote speakers include Joanne Harris, Joanna Penn and Jane Johnson.

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Our conference theme is Ikigai, a Japanese concept that is similar to raison d'être, meaning ‘a reason for being’. It has four interlinked strands of Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession and will address all the things that make us writers and the work that we’re passionate about as well as other areas of our lives. Finding a balance in our life as writers is essential to our wellbeing and to fulfilling our potential, now and in the future.

  • Passion and Mission: What you love (your passion and dreams; finding ideas; identifying your audience; telling the story your way)
  • Mission and vocation:  What the world needs and what you need (your well-being as a writer; the role of writers in education; fostering creativity and imagination for a healthy society; the power of words; forging cultural links through translation; how to use technology)
  • Vocation and Profession: What you can be paid for (how to get paid – properly; understanding markets and marketing; what are your assets and how to safeguard them)
  • Profession and Passion: What you are good at (empowering yourself as a writer; diversifying your skills; building your professional reputation)


  • An exhibition, with stands taken by organisations and companies, and a bookshop.
  • A social programme that includes a Friday evening opening buffet, and a Gala dinner and ceilidh on Saturday.
  • A beautiful venue in the heart of Scotland, the Westerwood Hotel.

Registration and Booking


Someone once said that if you want to learn to write then write. Well, of course, it’s good advice. But whether you’re thinking about putting an idea down on paper for the first time or you’re an established writer, we can all benefit from the experience of others.

No-one knows it all and the ‘writing industry’ is changing at such an ever-increasing pace that to keep up to date with new opportunities it’s worth immersing yourself now and again in the knowledge of those who have been there before, or at least gone that bit further along the road!

The conference will allow opportunities to network with like-minded people, not only to learn, but also to help others.

The programme is designed to empower writers in their writing, marketing and promotion, self-publishing, etc. It will also include talks and workshops on legal issues, such as wills for writers, family law and rights, and on health and wellbeing, including desk ergonomics, mental health and CPR training.

We hope to appeal to a wide range of writers, in all fields, and to look at ways to expand our repertoire through writing across genres, diversification and using new skills.

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Funding & Sponsors

We’re very grateful for the generous support of our funders and sponsors.