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General Booklist

Please note that these books are not available from the Society of Authors; they may be obtained from a public library or a bookshop. Members are reminded that they can always consult the Society with any questions rather than relying on publications alone. Please also note that the categories are very broad, and that the relevant books may be found under various headings. We try to keep this page regularly updated but if you have any recommendations to be added or changes to be made, email Anna Ganley.


  • The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, published annually (A&C Black)
  • The Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, published annually (A&C Black)
  • The Directory of Publishing, published annually (Continuum & Publishers Association)
  • The New Author’s Handbook by David Bolt (Peter Owen Publishers)


  • The Author, published quarterly by The Society of Authors


  • How to Market Books by Alison Baverstock (Kogan Page)
  • Literary Agents – What They Do, How They Do It, How To Find Work With The Right One For You by Michael Larsen (Wiley)
  • From Pitch to Publication by Carole Blake (Macmillan)
  • An Author’s Guide to Publishing by Michael Legat (Robert Hale)
  • Marketing in Publishing by Patrick Forsyth (Routledge)
  • Commissioning Illustration by Martin Colyer (Phaidon Press)
  • Publishing Law, 4th Edition, by Hugh Jones and Christopher Benson (Routledge)
  • The Writers' and Artists' Guide to Getting Published (A&C Black)
  • The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication by Julia McCutchen (Firefly Media)
  • Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan (Snow Books)

Self Publishing

Contracts and Copyright

  • Copyright & Law for Writers by Helen Shay (How To Books)
  • Buying & Clearing Rights: Print, Broadcast & Multimedia by McGracken & Gilbart (Routledge)
  • Selling Rights by Lynette Owen, sixth edition (Routledge)
  • Media Law and Human Rights by Andrew Nicol QC, Gavin Millar QC and Andrew Sharland (Blackstone’s)
  • The A-Z of Contract Clauses by Deborah Fosbrook and Adrian C Laing, sixth edition (Bloomsbury Professional)

Authors and Authorship

  • Authors by Profession; Vols I & II by Victor Bonham-Carter (Vol. I £3.00 hb, £1.50 pb Vol II. hb only, £5.00 available post free from the Society)
  • Author! Author! An anthology of The Author, edited by Richard Findlater (Faber, available from the Society, £2.50)

Prizes and Awards

Public Lending Right

  • Public Lending Right
  • PLR in Practice by John Sumsion (from the PLR Office, telephone 01642 604699)

Freelance Writing

  • Freelance Writing for Newspapers by Jill Dick (A&C Black)
  • How to Make Money from Freelance Writing by Andrew Crofts (Piatkus)

Art of Writing

  • Getting Published by Harry Bingham
  • Is There a Book in You? by Alison Baverstock (A&C Black)
  • Novel Writing 16 Steps to Success, second edition, by Evan Marshall (A&C Black)
  • Research For Writers, seventh revised edition, by Ann Hoffmann (A&C Black)
  • Get Started in Creative Writing: Teach Yourself by Stephen May (Teach Yourself Books)
  • The Art of Fiction by David Lodge (Vintage)
  • The Sound of Paper: Inspiration and Practical Guidance for Starting the Creative Process by Julia Cameron (Penguin)
  • The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray & Bret Norris (A&C Black)
  • Word Power A Guide to Creative Writing, third edition, by Julian Birkett (A&C Black)
  • Writing for Pleasure and Profit by Michael Legat (Hale)
  • Writing Popular Fiction, second revised Edition, by Rona Randall (A&C Black)
  • Writing a Play, third revised edition, by Steve Gooch (A&C Black)

Children’s Books

  • How to Write for Children and Get Published by Louise Jordan (Piatkus)
  • Illustrating Children’s Books Creating Pictures for Publication by Martin Salisbury (A & C Black)
  • Teach Yourself Writing for Children and Getting Published by Lesley Pollinger (Teach Yourself)

Crime and Thriller Writing

  • How to Write Crime Novels by Isobel Lambot (A & B Writers Guide)
  • Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy by David Gerrold (Titan Books)
  • Writing Crime Novels by John Paxton Sheriff (Robert Hale)

Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • Writing Horror Fiction by Guy N Smith (A&C Black)
  • Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Lisa Tuttle (A & C Black)


  • Freelance Writing for Newspapers by Jill Dick (A&C Black)
  • Interviewing for Journalists: How to Research & Conduct Interviews you can Sell by Joan Clayton (Piatkus Books)

Magazine Features and Articles

  • How to Write Stories for Magazines by Donna Baker (Allison & Busby)
  • Writing Feature Articles by Brendan Hennessey (Focal Press)
  • Writing for Magazines by Jill Dick (A&C Black)
  • How to Compile and Sell Crosswords and Other Puzzles by Graham R Stevenson (Allison & Busby)


  • An Introduction to Digital Media by Tony Feldman (Routledge)
  • The Electronic Publishing Business and its Market ed. by Brian & Bargot Blunden (Pira International)
  • Tweet Right - The Sensible Person's Guide to Twitter by Nicola Morgan (Crabbit)

Non-fiction (including Academic, Scientific, Technical and Medical)

  • An Author’s Guide to Scholarly Publishing by Robin Derricourt (Princeton University Press)
  • Brilliant Writing Tips for Students by Julia Copus (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • How to get Research Published in Journals by Abby Day (Gower)
  • Medical Writing: a Prescription for Clarity by Goodman & Edmunds (CUP)
  • Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword (Oxford)
  • Writing a Non-fiction Book: How to Prepare your work for publication by Norman Toulson (How To Books)
  • Writing Successful Textbooks by Anthony Haynes (A & C Black)
  • Writing Successfully in Science by Maeve O’Connor (HarperCollins Academic)


  • Bestseller: Secrets of Successful Writing by Celia Brayfield (Fourth Estate)
  • How to Write a Blockbuster by Sarah Harrison (Allison & Busby)
  • Plotting the Novel by Michael Legat (Robert Hale)
  • Write a Novel and Get it Published by Nigel Watts (Teach Yourself Books)
  • The Craft of Novel Writing by Dianne Doubtfire (Allison & Busby)
  • Writing Historical Fiction, 2nd edition, by Rhona Martin (A&C Black)
  • The Craft of Writing Romance by Jean Saunders (Writer’s Bookshop)
  • Writing a Romantic Novel by Donna Baker (Teach Yourself)
  • Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel by Mike Chinn (A & C Black)


  • A Practical Poetry Course by Alison Chisholm (Allison & Busby)
  • Teach Yourself: Writing Poetry by Matthew Sweeney & John Hartley Williams (Teach Yourself)
  • Poets Handbook: A Guide to Building Great Poems by Kenneth C Steven (Writers’ Bookshop)
  • Writing Handbooks: Writing Poetry by John Whitworth (A & C Black)

Short Stories

  • How To Write and Sell Short Stories by Della Galton (Accent Press)
  • Practical Short Story Writing by John Paxton Sheriff (Robert Hale)

Travel Writing

  • Writing about Travel by Morag Campbell (A&C Black)

Radio, TV and Film Writing

  • Debut on Two – A Guide to Writing for Television by Philippa Giles & Vicky Licorish (BBC)
  • How to Make Money Scriptwriting by Julian Friedmann (Intellect Books)
  • Script to Screen by Allan Prior (BFI Publishing)
  • Teach Yourself Screenwriting by Raymond Frensham (Teach Yourself)
  • Writing for Television by Gerald Kelsey (A&C Black)
  • Writing for Television – How to Write and sell successful TV Scripts by William Smethurst (How To Books)
  • Writing Comedy by John Byrne (A&C Black)
  • Writing Comedy: A Guide to Scriptwriting for TV, Radio, Film & Stage by Ronald Wolfe (Hale)
  • Writing for Radio by Rosemary Horstmann (A&C Black)
  • Writing a Play, 3rd edition, by Steve Gooch (A&C Black)
  • Film Scriptwriting: A Practical Manual by Dwight V Swain and Joyce R Swain (Focal Press)
  • Writing and Selling Crime Film Screenplays by Karen Lee Street (Kamera Books)

Grammar Books

  • The Oxford Everyday Grammar by John Seely (OUP)
  • The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms by Chris Baldick (OUP)

Reference Books

  • The Reader’s Encyclopedia, 4th Edition, by William Rose Benet (A & C Black)
  • Whitaker’s Almanack (A & C Black)
  • Dictionary of National Biography (OUP)




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