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How to Join

“The advice and help that the Society's staff dispense, and the weight of experience that they can bring to bear, are immensely valuable. A subscription to the Society is the greatest investment any writer can make.” - Philip Pullman.


Please view our eligibility criteria before completing an application form.

If you are an aspiring writer but not yet eligible to join, you may find it useful to have a look at our FAQs about writing.

Benefits and subscription

The subscription, for both Members and Associates, starts at £64 per year* and entitles you to advice on all aspects of the writing profession, including the confidential clause-by-clause vetting of any contract you are offered from a publisher, agent, producer, etc.

*Subscription Rates

Youth (35 years and under): £64 by Direct Debit, £68 by other methods

Full: £90 by Direct Debit; £95 by other methods

Other concessions and quarterly Direct Debits are available from the second year of membership. 

  • For a list of other benefits, click here

Please note: We will take up complaints for Members and Associates if an issue of general concern to authors is at stake, and the risk and cost preclude individual action, legal procedings may be undertaken at our expense. Our Members and Associates see the Society as a form of insurance, which can be important even if you have an agent. A typical hour's consultation with an intellectual property lawyer would cost you at least £250.

We will also be pleased to give guidance and advice (but cannot incur legal expense or become directly involved) in connection with difficulties pending at the time of election or re-election, publishing agreements where the author contributes towards the cost of production, problems arising outside of the UK, or a dispute with another author.

Apply now

To join, simply complete the online application form below or download an application form and return it to us with an application payment. Please note, there is a compulsory application fee. This will cover the first year of your subscription and if for any reason you are not elected it will be automatically refunded.

Click here to apply online

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you have ever previously been a Member or an Associate of the Society and wish to re-join you should contact Membership on membership@societyofauthors.org or 020 7373 6642 rather than completing the online form.


Alternatively, you can download an application form below:

Please return the form to the Membership Department, by email, fax or post. For immediate advice on a contract, please include a copy of the contract with your application form; you can expect a response within about a week.


Email the Membership Department or phone us on 020 7373 6642.




An annual subscription (£95 or £68 if you're under 35) entitles you to unlimited advice on all aspects of the writing profession.


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