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The McKitterick Prize

Past Winners

2015 Robert Allison for The Letter Bearer (Granta) £4,000
Runner-up: Paul Ewen for Francis Pug: How To Be A Public Author (Galley Beggar Press) £1,000

2014 Gabriel Weston for Dirty Work (Cape) £4,000
Runner-up: Gabriel Gbadamosi for Vauxhall (Telegram Books) £1,000

2013 Alison Moore for The Lighthouse (Salt) £4,000
Runner-up: Caroline Brothers for Hinterland (Bloomsbury)

2012 Ginny Baily for Africa Junction (Harvill Secker / Vintage) £4,000
Runner-up: Cressida Connolly for My Former Heart (Fourth Estate)

2011 Emma Henderson for Grace Williams Says It Loud (Sceptre) £4,000
Runner-up: Frances Kay for Micka (Picador)

2010 Raphael Selbourne for Beauty (Tindal Street Press) £4,000

2009 Chris Hannan for Missy (Chatto) £4,000

2008 Jennie Walker 24 for 3 (Bloomsbury) £4,000

2007 Reina James This Time of Dying (Portobello) £4,000

2006 Peter Pouncey Rules for Old Men Waiting (Chatto & Windus) £4,000

2005 Lloyd Jones Mr Vogel (Seren) £4,000

2004 Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Jonathan Cape) £4,000

2003 Mary Lawson Crow Lake (Chatto & Windus) £4,000

2002 Manil Suri The Death of Vishnu (Bloomsbury Publishing) £4,000

2001 Giles Waterfield The Long Afternoon (Headline Review) £4,000

2000 Chris Dolan Ascension Day (Headline Review) £4,000

1999 Magnus Mills The Restraint of Beasts (Flamingo) £4,000

1998 Eli Gottlieb The Boy Who Went Away (Jonathan Cape) £4,000

1997 Patricia Duncker Hallucinating Foucault (Serpent’s Tail) £4,000

1996 Stephen Blanchard Gagarin and I (Vintage) £5,000

1995 Christopher Bigsby Hester (Weidenfeld) £5,000

1994 Helen Dunmore Zennor in Darkness (Viking) £5,000

1993 Andrew Barrow The Tap Dancer (Duckworth) £5,000

1992 Alberto Manguel News from a Foreign Country Came (Harper Collins) £5,000

1991 John Loveday Halo (Harcourt Brace) £5,000

1990 Simon Mawer Chimera (Hamish Hamilton) £5,000





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