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24 April 2015

After a tireless campaign by the Society of Authors and PLR UK (as well as the Association of Illustrators, the Association of Photographers and SoA member Nicola Smee), artists and estates in the UK will receive over £240,000 from DACS for the lending of books featuring their artwork by libraries in The Netherlands.

23 April 2015

There has been concern amongst authors over the Green Party's approach to copyright terms, particularly the proposed maximum copyright term of 14 years - drastically shorter than the existing term of 70 years after the author's death.

21 April 2015

The Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) has published a worrying report on author’s incomes and contracts. The report states that ‘for the majority, writing remains a low earning profession. The survey found that the median (typical) pre-tax net earnings which professional writers obtained from their writing (£11,000) was a little over 40% of the national average median earnings (£27,011).’

20 April 2015

We are encouraging all creators to sign The Federation of European Publishers’ petition to support a robust copyright system in Europe, in order to protect freedom of expression.

Malorie Blackman, Neil Gaiman, Joanne Harris, Roger McGough, Ian Rankin, Anne Sebba and Sarah Waters have all joined the Council of the Society of Authors. Daniel Hahn, Chair of the Management Committee, welcomes them:

Last month we shared a link to a survey devised by Harry Bingham and Jane Friedman. It asked authors for their experiences and opinions of publishers. The results are in and our Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon reflects on the findings:

The SoA is in contact with the HMRC and Treasury regarding income tax averaging periods.

27 March 2015

We were concerned to hear of the existence of an app called Clean Reader, which allows readers of ebooks to switch on a 'filter' that replaces instances of profanity with alternative words, selected by the developers.



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