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The Vondel Prize for Dutch/Flemish Translation

Past Winners


Winner: David Colmer for The Misfortunates by Dimitri Verhulst (Portobello)

Commended: Ina Rilke for The Black Lake by Hella S. Haasse (Portobello)

Commended: Johanna W. Prins and Johanna H. Prins for Mother Number Zero by Marjolijn Hof (House of Anansi)


Winner: Paul Vincent for My Little War by Louis Paul Boon (Dalkey Archive Press)

Runner-up: David Colmer for The Portrait by Willem Jan Otten (Scribe Publications)


Winner: Sam Garrett for Ararat: In Search of the Mythical Mountain by Frank Westerman (Harvill Secker)

Runner Up: Francis Jones for What It Is: Selected Poems by Esther Jansma (Bloodaxe Books)


Winner: Susan Massotty for My Father’s Notebook by Kader Abdolah (Canongate)

Runner-up: Sherry Marx-Macdonald for Daalder’s Chocolates by Philibert Schogt (Thunder’s Mouth Press)


Winner: Diane Webb for Colors Demonic & Devine: Shades of Meaning in the Middle Ages & After by Herman Pleij (Columbia University Press)


Winner: Sam Garrett for The Rider by Tim Krabbe (Bloomsbury)

Runner up: Susan Massotty for All Souls’ Day by Cees Nooteboom (Picador)


Winner: Hester Velmans for A Heart of Stone by Renate Dorrestein (Doubleday)

Highly commended: Paul Vincent for Metaphors of Memory by Douwe Draaisma (Cambridge University Press)

Highly commended: Stacey Knecht for Desire by Hugo Claus (Viking)

Highly commended: Sherry Marx-Macdonald for Darwin’s Dreampond by Tijs Goldschmidt (MIT Press)


Winner: Ina Rilke for Roads to Santiago by Cees Noteboom (Harvill/Harcourt Brace) and The Virtuoso by Margriet de Moor (Picador)

Highly commended: Sam Garrett for The Gates of Damascus by Lieve Joris (Lonely Planet) and Mali Blues by Lieve Joris (Lonely Planet)


Winner: Stacey Knecht for The Great Longing by Marcel Möring (Flamingo)

Highly commended: Noel Clark for Lucifer by Joost van den Vondel (Absolute Press)





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