The Management Committee currently has four sub-committees where members can use their skills and expertise to focus on specific issues in more detail.

Retiring members of the Management Committee may stay on sub-committees if they have a specialist skill which is not being replaced by new Management Committee members. 

Committees may also invite SoA members with specific skills to join their committee.

The Author Advisory Panel 

  • Members: Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, Woodrow Phoenix, Katharine Quarmby, Hugh Roberts and Philip Womack.
  • Staff: Meetings are chaired by James McConnachie, Carlotta Eden or Martin Reed in rotation.
  • Frequency: every six months, with additional meetings when needed.
  • Aims: to be a consultative body to support the strategy and development of The Author publication.

The Campaigns Sub-Committee

•    Members: Philip Womack (Chair), Joanne Harris, Peter Groves, Lucinda Hawksley, Daniel Hahn, Abie Longstaff, Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin and Margaret Skea.
•    Staff: Eddie Reeves (Public Affairs Manager) and Nicola Solomon
•    Frequency: three-four times a year.
•    Aims: to enable more detailed briefing about ongoing campaigns, both learning the issues and monitoring progress. To act as a ‘first response’ group to suggestions for campaigns before decisions by Management Committee. To examine ways in which individual Committee members might be more directly involved in supporting campaigns and lobbying.

The Finance Sub-Committee

•    Members: Joanne Harris (Chair), Barry Kernon, Bob Swarup, Philip Womack, Hugh Roberts, Simon Cann and Katharine Quarmby.
•    Staff: Nicola Solomon, Katharine King.
•    Frequency: the FSC usually meets once a year but may meet more often if needed.
•    Aims: to advise on and scrutinise the SoA’s investments, budgets, salaries, pensions and other resources, and to make recommendations to the Management Committee. The only permanent standing sub-committee.

The Membership Sub-Committee

•    Members: Joanne Harris (Chair), Simon Cann, Ignaty Dyakov, Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, Mac Logan, Bill Manley, Woodrow Phoenix, Katharine Quarmby and Hugh Roberts.
•    Staff: Peter Kennedy (Head of Member Services), Nadia Bonini (Membership Manager), Francesca Howell (Development Manager), Martin Reed (Head of Comms) and Nicola Solomon (CEO) as needed.
•    Frequency: quarterly
•    Aims: a small ‘think-group’ of Management Committee members and staff dedicated to membership issues. To scrutinise the SoA's membership offer in order to develop and optimise membership. The sub-committee reports to and makes recommendations to the Management Committee.

Other Groups

The SoA also has a Staff Inclusivity Network, a Green Working Group and a Wellbeing Group.

Sub-Committees that are no longer in operation are:

•    The Mentorship Sub-Committee
•    The Property Sub-Committee

Download the list of Management Committee Sub-Committees.