David Donachie

David Donachie


David is immensely pleased to have been elected to the Management Committee of the Society of Authors and he hopes to be effective and with his colleagues improve things for us all.

Born in Edinburgh, he left school aged 14 years with no qualifications but with an abiding love of history. Since then? The blurb on his first book jacket said he had more jobs than birthdays; decorator, salesman, truck driver, ice-cream vendor, cleaner, packer, theatre worker and indifferently successful entrepreneur. Once asked by a radio interviewer why he had become a writer, he could only reply: 'Desperation. I’ve tried everything else.'

His first novel came about by accident; he sat down to write a radio play and ended up six weeks later with a 400-page novel, subsequently offered for, that offer turned down. If in hindsight that seems foolish, it made sense at the time. He can now list some 26 published novels under his own name, mainly naval fiction, and 19 under the pen names of Jack Ludlow and Tom Connery, all still in print and/or available as eBooks, as well as co-authoring a trio of ghosted SAS titles. He has also started writing thrillers as Jack Cole, the first two of which are on Amazon as eBooks and POD, as well as other digital platforms.

David has had novels bought and paid for, sent back, in one case twice, to then finally see daylight through a third publisher. If he had not had the backing of the SoA on one occasion he would have been unable to threaten a publisher trying to cheat him out of £15k. He had and was paid so he feels a personal debt to the organisation as well as a professional one. Just recently another publisher was obliged to pay monies lost through inefficient accounting systems, as well as interest to cover the losses through time, sums that would have been disputed, and might not have been forthcoming, without the backing of the SoA.

He describes his membership as the best insurance policy a writer can have and has the results to prove it. Thus, with a deep sense of irony and irreverence, he has named his website www.twofingersbooks.com, which refers to the number of digits he employs when working, not as might be supposed…..