Bristol SoA Group January Meeting

Location: The Square Club, Bristol
Address: The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HB
Event time: 7pm
Join us for the January meeting with a workshop from Diane Setterfield - 'From Writer to Writing Genius'

Event details

Join us at The Square on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 7pm for the January meeting of the SoA Bristol group. We will be having a workshop from Diane Setterfield 'From Writer to Writing Genius Ltd.' 

Please RSVP to Margot and Jonathan to let them know you will be attending.

Diane Setterfield is the author of the literary mystery The Thirteenth Tale (2006), a no 1 New York Times bestseller later televised for BBC TV, and Bellman & Black (2013), a genre bending ghost story.  Her third novel will be published in 2018.  She returns to Bristol, where she once studied French, to deliver a workshop developed from her own experience of overcoming writing difficulties. 

Working alone has real benefits, but rare is the writer who has never wished for a team.  Bringing a piece of work to successful completion is a project that requires many diverse skills from the realms of creativity, project management, personal management, administration, organisation, promotion and others, and it’s unlikely we’re equally good at all of them.

This is a workshop that draws on the creative powers writers have to develop their own practice, becoming more aware of the different roles they inhabit from first inspiration to finished project, and enabling them to awaken skills that have hitherto lain dormant but that, once roused to consciousness, can strengthen their creative productivity.  It touches on diverse aspects of writing including self-belief, personal organisation, managing the interface between writing and the rest of life, structuring, editing and getting it finished.

 Please RSVP to Margot and Jonathan to let them know you will be attending.