Gloucestershire & Neighbouring Counties September meeting

Location: Gloucester
Address: Red Lion, Huntley, Gloucester GL19 3DU
Event time: 12 noon
Join us for a lunch and talk on the writing software Scrivner from Judith Gunn

Event details

Please join us for the September meeting of the Gloucestershire group with a discussion on Scrivner from Judith Gunn. We will be meeting at 12 noon for lunch followed by speaker - finish at 2.30. 

Judith Gunn will kick off with a description of her love/hate relationship with the writing software Scrivener. There will be tips and tricks a few pictures and some guidance on “how-to”. Judith is a local author, writing both education books on Media Studies, eBooks on Kindle (Gold) and a recent biography of Dostoyevsky: A Life of Contradiction - all done using Scrivener.

Please contact Judith Gunn if you want to join us. 

Also please feel free to join the Gloucestershire Society of Authors Facebook page


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Note the Red Lion is a new venue, which comes recommended and has confirmed our booking, but it has recently been taken over, so some of the web information is out of date.