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Writers as Carers Group

You don't have to stop being a writer if you start being a carer.

SOA_col_Carers_cmyk.pngAre you a professional writer with caring responsibilities for someone with an illness or disability? If so, you might wish to join this SoA support group which aims to help keep writers writing.

Our Writers as Carers (WaC) Group supports SoA members, who also have caring responsibilities, to keep in touch with their professional writing community, keep writing and help each other through difficult times.

There are lots of organisations, such as Carers UK and Carers Trust, who offer practical help, advice and support groups to carers. What makes this group different is that it offers support to professional writers, helping them to keep writing whilst fulfilling their caring responsibilities.

Members of our group have different caring roles, responsibilities and experiences, but they all have one thing in common: they're professional writers.

If you would like to join this group, please email Anna Ganley.

Here's the group's founding member, Jim Green, to tell you more...


Due to the nature of the group, members mainly connect via online discussions using Facebook and Skype, although we do get together for an annual summer lunch and the occasional event during Carers Week. Details of any events will be listed on this page and emailed to members of the group.

Online discussions

Our most active forum is our private Facebook discussion group. Members share tips and advice, as well as updates about their writing, but all conversation is welcome, even it's simply to share details of your day in a safe space. To join this discussion group, email Anna Ganley for joining details. We also have an all-member discussion forum on this website for members to connect outside of Facebook. 

Monthly Skype get-togethers

We run monthly online get-togethers using Skype, where members can chat informally with other members online. Depending on your computer or device, this could either be an audio or video call. If you're interested in joining a group chat, email Anna and she will send you the joining instructions.

Writers as Carers Group webinars

Jim Green asks what kind of webinars members of this Group would find useful? Please comment on the forum with your feedback and/or suggestions of topics.


Financial help for writers

Posted: 21 May 2019

Would special equipment or simply taking a taxi now and again make your life easier? Is your computer letting you down, or would you value some occasional domestic help?

The Authors’ Contingency Fund and the Francis Head Bequest offer one-off grants to professional authors who would benefit from some financial support to help them back on their feet professionally. We currently have a surplus, so please do think of applying.

For further information and an application form can be found our our Grants page or you can call the office 020 7373 6642 to have a chat about applying.