CWIG committee

Please be aware that there are vacancies on the committee every year as members retire and we are happy to be contacted by full SoA CWIG members who are willing to serve (associate and student members are not eligible). Some years we may be seeking representation in particular genres e.g. poetry; or to fulfil the needs of a particular project; and would particularly welcome applications on that basis.

Applications for the CWIG 2021-4 term were collated by Jo McCrum by the deadline of 5 March 2020. There are now new vacancies, so we have re-opened for applications to a 7 January 2021 deadline. Currently standing for the four vacancies are: 

Ian Billings
A M Dassu
Chitra Soundar 
Isabel Thomas (co-opted in 2020, now standing for full election)

Alternative nominations should include a high quality colour head-shot, a 150 word biography, a short statement of intent and the written support of three CWIG members. Send these to or drop a line if you have any queries - we are happy to discuss the role and responsibilities before you make a formal application.

There will be a live election at the AGM on Saturday 6 February if there are more applications than vacancies.

We thank retiring members Sita Brahmachari, Keren David, Candy Gourlay, Curtis Jobling and Keren David for all their support this year.

The next deadline will be 1 June 2021 for  tenures beginning 2022 (there will be at least two vacancies).

Have any questions? Want to put an issue forward to the committee? We are happy to forward an email to any of the committee on your behalf.