CWIG committee

The activities of the CWIG committee vary in response to issues raised by the wider community, and the particular skills and interests of current committee members. The committee develops resources, organises Group events, the AGM and leads campaigning activity around visibility and working conditions – supporting library campaigns, reading for pleasure with the CWIG Reading for Pleasure Award and other initiatives like #PicturesMeanBusiness.

There are vacancies on the committee every year as members retire and we are happy to be contacted by full SoA CWIG members who are willing to serve (associate and student members are not eligible). Some years we may be seeking representation in particular genres e.g. poetry; or to fulfil the needs of a particular project; and would particularly welcome applications on that basis.

UPDATE JUILY 2021: We are have six candidates standing for one position on the CWIG committee this year. A full mailing will follow early September – complete with statements and an opportunity for you to vote before we introduce the successful candidate at the CWIG AGM on Tuesday 21 September.

Have any questions? Want to put an issue forward to the committee? We are happy to forward an email to any of the committee on your behalf.