St Peter’s Droitwich C of E Academy, Worcestershire, Kevin Brooke (January 2020)St Peter’s Droitwich C of E Academy, Worcestershire, Kevin Brooke (January 2020)The school clearly recognised the value of something popular and non-'literary' like 'Doctor Who' in engaging reluctant readers. Help with the visit on the day, and promotion beforehand, was invaluable. The children's interest was very keen and genuine. 50 enthusiastic students, chosen from across the ability range, were actively involved in imaginative writing on the day. Many were very eager to share their work, and I had dozens of interested questions and a big queue for the book-signing at the end of the day. 

Daniel Blythe on Holmfirth High, Yorkshire  

2019/2020 Awards

Primary Schools

Ashcott Primary School, Bridgwater:  Mike Brownlow (March 2020)
Badminton School, Bristol: John Harris (March 2020)
Beck Primary School, Sheffield: Sita Brahmachari (September 2019)
Broomhill Primary School, Glasgow: Richard Dikstra (March 2020)
Chestnuts Primary School, London: Jane Porter (March 2020)
Charnwood Primary School, Leicester: Candy Gourlay (February 2020)
Cranham Primary School, Worcestershire: Kevin Brooke (December 2019)
Georgetown Primary School, Dumfries: Alison Page (November 2019)
Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School, High Wycombe: B B Taylor (March 2020)
Green Oaks Primary Academy, Northampton: Sue Nicholson (March 2020)
Hamilton Primary School, Essex: SF Said (November 2019)
Halesowen C of E Primary School, Halesowen: Kevin Brooke (March 2020)

Hestersway Primary School, Cheltenham: Beth Webb (March 2020)
Joseph Cash Primary, Coventry: Nicki Thornton (November 2019)
Littlecoates Primary Academy, Grimsby: Shoo Rayner (March 2020)
Little Green School, Rickmansworth: Sita Brahmachari (November 2019)
Newbold Verdon Primary School, Leicestershire: Shoo Rayner (February 2020)
Parklands Primary School, Leeds: Brian Abram (January 2020)
QEGS Junior School, Wakefield: John Harris (February 2020)
Seely Primary and Nursery School, Nottingham: Janie Hampton (February 2020)
Skyswood Primary, St Albans: Jeanne Willis (March 2020)

St Helen’s Primary School, Huntingdon: Gillian McClure (February 2020)
St Mary’s RC Primary, Manchester: Ross Montgomery (November 2019)
St Peter’s Droitwich C of E Academy, Worcestershire: Kevin Brooke (January 2020)
Stoneyholme Primary School, Burnley: Alan Durant (February 2020)
Thaxted Primary School,  Dunmow: Rosemary Hayes (March 2020)

Junior and Secondary Schools

Cavendish School, Eastbourne: Simon James Green (March 2020)
Cramlington Learning Village, Northumberland: Dan Freedman (February 2020)
Dawlish College, Devon: John Townsend (March 2020)
Freebrough Academy, North Yorkshire: Robin Stevens (November 2019)
Highcliffe School, Christchurch: Julie Ratcliffe (March 2020)
Holmfirth High, Yorkshire: Daniel Blythe (October 2019)
Howden Junior School, East Yorkshire: James Nicol (March 2020)

Larkmead School, Abingdon: Nicki Thornton (October 2019)
Millais School, Horsham: Lauren James (December 2019)
Millbrook Combined School: Meriet Duncan (March 2020)
Outwood Grange Academy, Wakefield: Daniel Blythe (March 2020)
Thorp Academy, Gateshead: Dan Freedman (February 2020)
Tollgate Junior School, Eastbourne: Marina Castledine  (December 2019)
Toot Hill School, Nottingham: Simon James Green (February 2020)
Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Wirral: Simon James Green (November 2019)