The school has a well-stocked library and librarian Ann Reeve recommends a broad and interesting range of books for children to enjoy. Languages teacher Heidi Curry has a key role to promote reading across the school, an initiative instigated by headteacher Ben Stitchman, who is fully supporting reading, visiting authors, reading schemes for Key Stage 3, reading weeks, etc. The school clearly recognised the value of something popular and non-'literary' like 'Doctor Who' in engaging reluctant readers. Heidi and Ann's help with the visit on the day, and promotion beforehand, was invaluable. The children's interest was very keen and genuine. About 50 enthusiastic students, chosen from across the ability range, were actively involved in imaginative writing on the day. Many were very eager to share their work, and I had dozens of interested questions and a big queue for the book-signing at the end of the day. A very positive experience overall.

Daniel Blythe on Holmfirth High, Yorkshire  

2019/2020 Awards

Junior and Secondary Schools

Holmfirth High, Yorkshire: Daniel Blythe (October 2019)

66 awards were given over September 2018-July 2019. See below for the full archive of that year.

55 awards were given in the last school year over September 2017-July 2018. See the full archive for the 2017/18 school year here.

Primary Schools

Ashbridge Independent School and Nursery, Lancashire, Rhona Whiteford (March 2019)
Beatrix Potter Primary, London: Josh Lacey (February 2019)
Calthorpe Park School, Hampshire: Julie Sykes (February 2019)
Coastlands County Primary School, Haverfordwest: Jackie Morris (September 2018)
Colinsburgh Primary School, Fife: Richard Dikstra (November 2018)
Donnington Wood C of E Junior School, Donnington: Catherine Cooper (March 2019)
Gallions Primary School, London: Simon Mole (September 2018)
Glebe Primary School, Southwick: Sarah McIntyre (June 2019)
Grasmere C of E Primary School, Grasmere: Jackie Morris (October 2018)
Great Bridge Primary School, West Midlands: Ian Macdonald (February 2019)
Headcorn Primary School, Kent:  Richard Dikstra (March 2019)
Heatherside Junior School, Hampshire: Ally Sherrick (October 2018)
Holy Cross Primary School, Oldham, BB Taylor (February 2019)
Huntingtree Primary School, Halesowen: P.G. Bell (February 2019)
Icknield Infant and Nursery School, Hertfordshire, James Mayhew (May 2019)
Jubilee Park Primary School, Newport: Eloise Williams (March 2019)
Jubilee Park Primary School, Newport: Hilary Robinson (November 2018)
Kaimhill Primary School, Aberdeen: Sheena Blackhall (November 2018)
Kentisbury Primary School, Kentisbury: Claire Barker (October 2018)
Kings Road Primary, Manchester: Dianne Hofmeyr (April 2019)
Kingswood Primary School, Kent, Richard Dikstra (March 2019)
Little Plumstead Church of England Primary School, Norwich, Jennifer Killick (March 2019)
Luncarty Primary School, Luncarty: Barbara Henderson (January 2019)
Manor Primary School, Birkenhead: Jude Lennon (January 2019)
New Hinksey C of E Primary School, Oxford: Janie Hampton (July 2019)
Northumberland Heath Primary School, Kent:  Ian Macdonald (July 2019)
Norwood Infants School, London: Heather Maisner (November 2018)
Paddox Primary School, Rugby:  Jackie Morris (December 2018)
Parkfield Community School, Birmingham: Michaela Morgan  (March 2019)
Ridgefield Primary School, Cambridge:  Pippa Goodhart (June 2019)
Skerton St Luke's CofE Primary School, Lancaster: Frank English (November 2018)
St Andrew’s CofE Methodist Aided Primary School, Dronfield, Genna Rowbotham (December 2018)
St Ita’s Primary School, Belfast: Paul Howard (March 2019)
St Martin’s School, Northwood, Matt Oldfield, (February 2019)
St Silas CofE, Liverpool: Piers Torday (September 2018)
St Stephen's Catholic Primary School, Kent, Matt Oldfield (February 2019)
Steam Mills Primary, Gloucestershire, Shoo Rayner (February 2019)
Suckley Primary School, Worcestershire, Kevin Brooke, (March 2019)
Templefield Lower School, Bedfordshire: Lou Treleaven (October 2018)
Trinity First CE VA, Dorset: Michelle Robinson (November 2018)
Walker Road Primary, Aberdeen, Sheena Blackhall (December 2018)
Whipton Barton Federation, Exeter: Beth Webb (October 2018)
Yorkley Primary School, Lydney, Gloucestershire: Andy Seed (June 2019)
Ysgol Caer Drewyn, Corwen, Denbighshire: Steve Skidmore (October 2018)
Zonnebloem Boys Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa: Dianne Hofmeyr (April 2019)

Junior and Secondary Schools

Ansford Academy, Somerset: David Brayley (October 2018)
Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, Worcestershire: Kevin Brooke (February 2019)
Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, Hants: Ali Sparkes, (December 2018)
Colonel Frank Seely Academy, Nottingham: Daniel Blythe (November 2018)
Didcot Girl's School, Didcot: Jo Cotterill (February 2019)
Haggerston School, London: Nicola Morgan  (July 2019)
Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form College, Leicestershire: Jo Cotterill (March 2019)
Leeds West Academy, Leeds: Nik Perring (July 2019)
Mary Webb School and Science College, Shrewsbury: Catherine Cooper (April 2019)
Oakfield High School and College, Wigan: Peter Lynas (March 2019)
Pershore High School, Pershore: Kevin Brooke (March 2019)
Ringwood School, Dorset: Ali Sparkes (March 2019)
Saffron Walden County High School, Saffron Walden: Rosemary Hayes (March 2019)
St Peter's Junior School, Ruddington, Nottinghamshire:  Ali Sparkes (October 2018)
Teign Academy, Devon: Chris d’Lacey (November 2018)
The John Roan School, London: Philip Womack (June 2019)
Ysgol Dyffryn Aman, Ammanford: David Brayley (November 2018)
Ysgol Dinas BrĂ¢n, Denbighshire: Daniel Whelan (March 2019)

All-Through Schools

The British School, Brussels: Shoo Rayner  (October 2018)
British Embassy School, Ankara, Turkey: Shoo Rayner (March 2019)
Western Academy of Beijing, China:  Steve Skidmore (September 2018)