Reading for Pleasure Awards: 2017/2018

"I really enjoy visiting this school.  The library has changed from a sedate place into a vibrant, welcoming space.  It’s a hive of activity, especially at lunchtimes.  Students are encouraged to read for pleasure and I feel the staff have taken that extra step to actively becoming involved in the reading culture of the school, they are excellent role models."

Catherine Cooper  

Nursery Schools

Sparkles Pre-School, Croydon: Laura Henry (December 2017)

Primary Schools

Bardfield Academy, Basildon: Stewart Ross (January 2018)
Beechwood Park School, Hertfordshire: Jonathan Stroud (July 2018)
Blaise Primary, Bristol: Kathryn White (September 2017)
Bourne Abbey CofE, Lincolnshire: Judith Brulo (November 2017)
Brackenfield Preparatory, Harrogate: Vivien Sabel (June 2018)
Captain's Close Primary, Melton Mowbray: Steve Skidmore (June 2018)
Chadwell St Mary, Grays, Essex: Alan Gibbons (November 2017)
Chestnuts Primary School, London, Karen McCombie (July 2018)
Clifton Green Primary, York: Donna Douglas (November 2017)
Clifton Primary, Hull: Shoo Rayner (April 2018)
Colham Manor Primary, Middlesex: Jennifer Killick (March 2018)
Cordwalles Junior School, Surrey: Ally Sherrick (November 2017)
Elmwood Primary, Chelmsford: Jackie Marchant (November 2017)
Great Chesterford C. of E. Primary Academy, Essex: Linda Newbery (July 2018)

Gwyrosydd Primary, Swansea: Helen Docherty (June 2018)
Gwyrosydd Primary, Swansea: Jay Hulme (June 2018)
Hellingly CEP School, Hailsham: Brian Moses (July 2018)
Heathmere Primary, London: Piers Torday (June 2018)
Little Ealing Primary, London: Isabel Thomas (June 2018)
​​Minchinhampton CofE Primary Academy, Stroud: John Dougherty (July 2018)
Marnel Infant School, Popley: Pippa Goodhart (February 2018)
North Harringay Primary, London: Daniel Whelan (September 2017)
St John's Primary, Essex: D J Catrell (January 2018)
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Bicester: Adam Gullain (February 2018)
St Paul’s CofE, Gloucestershire: Shoo Rayner (October 2017)
St Silas CofE Primary, Liverpool: Piers Torday (July 2018)
The Grammar School at Leeds: Vivien Sabel (May 2018)
Weston Favell Primary, Northampton: Adam Guillain (February 2018)
Windwhistle Primary, Somerset: Andy Seed (October 2017)
Wood Farm Primary, Oxford: Charlotte Guillain (January 2018)
Ysgol Clawdd Offa, Prestatyn: Steve Skidmore (February 2018)
Ysgol Esgob Morgan, Denbighshire: Steve Skidmore (September 2017)

Secondary Schools

Bideford College, Devon: Tanya Landman (March 2018)
Calthorpe Park, Hampshire: Julie Sykes (October 2017)
Dame Alice Owens School, Potter’s Bar,  Penny Joelson (July 2018)
Didcot Girls' School, Didcot: Jo Cotterill (October 2017)
Iceni Academy, Essex: D J Cattrell (April 2018)
Kings Norton Girls' School, Birmingham: Jo Cotterill (February 2018)
Knights Templar School, Baldock: Miriam Moss (May 2018)
Mary Webb School & Science College, Shrewsbury: Catherine Cooper (May 2018)
Midhurst Rother College, Midhurst, West Sussex: Elisa Marcella Webb (March 2018)
Neston High School, Neston: Candy Gourlay (February 2018)
Patcham High School, Brighton: Dan Freedman (December 2017)
Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, Mansfield, John Simes (July 2018)
Robert Clack, School of Science, Dagenham: Dan Freedman (September 2017)
St Peter’s School, Huntingdon, Penny Joelson (February 2018)
Teign Academy, Devon, Chris d'Lacey (November 2017)
The Bourne Academy, Bournemouth: Daniel Blythe (July 2018)
The Sweyne Park School, Essex: John Townsend (March 2018)
Thorp Academy, Newcastle: Teri Terry (November 2017)
Waycroft Academy, Bristol: Huw Powell (January 2018)
Weaverham High School: Daniel Whelan (March 2018)
Ysgol Eiras, Conwy: Daniel Whelan (March 2018)

All-Through Schools

St Michael's Catholic School, Buckinghamshire: Jennifer Killick (October 2017)