"Ashley School is buzzing with excitement about books! The staff work hard to promote reading. The fabulous library is a magical looking, inspirational place.  A group of children have volunteered to be librarians and are passionate about helping out. They have a whole week to celebrate reading with fun activities and challenges, and a poster competition showed how the children feel about reading: it’s fun, expands your brain, helps you relax and takes you to amazing places!"

Lou Treleaven, Ashley C of E Primary School, Surrey

2021/2022 Awards

Secondary Schools

The Wellington Academy, Wiltshire, B J Mears (March 2022)

Primary Schools

Greenhill Primary School, Wakefield, Gemma Hatt (October 2021)
Henry Chichele Primary School, Rushden, Pippa Goodhart (March 2022)
St. Pepter's Primary School, Herefordshire, Kevin Brooke (March 2022)
Goresbrook Primary School, London, Maisie Chan (March 2022)
St. Mary's Bucknell CE (VA) Primary School, Bucknell, Catherine Cooper (March 2022)
Manorbrook Primary School, Bristol, Nizrana Farook (March 2022)
Howard Junior School, Norfolk, James Nicol (March 2022)
Gilberdyke Primary School, Gilberdyke, Shoo Rayner (May 2022)
Ashley C of E Primary School, Surrey, Lou Treleaven (May 2022)
Weaverham Forest School, Weaverham, Catherine Cooper (May 2022)