East Midlands Group

East-Mid-Pin-(1).pngThe East Midlands Group meets on the second Saturday of every month from 12.30-2.30pm in Nottingham and Derby on rotation.

2019 meeting schedule
Nottingham - October/December
Derby - September/November

Meeting details will be posted on our events page. Group meetings are free to attend and members pay for their own food and drinks. Non-members can attend up to two meetings before they are required to join the SoA.

We also have a private Facebook group for members to connect with each other in between meetings.

Volunteer coordinators for meetings in Derby and Leicester are required. You'll be supported by SoA staff to arrange meetings every three months. Please get in touch if you are able to help.

If you live in Lincolnshire or in an area of the East Midlands which is not convenient to get to the locations above, do get in touch as we are happy to see if any members nearby would come along to a small, local meeting arranged by you.

View a list of members in the East Midlands

Group resources

Notes from self-publishing discussion, April 2019

Resources and venues for authors in East Midlands, August 2019

Advice for approaching local media, September 2019

For further details please contact Francesca Howell at the SoA.