‘Stimulating, informative and fun!’ | the Educational Writers Group Seminar Day

EWG member Mark Griffiths writes up the recent Educational Writers' Seminar Day, hosted by the Society of Authors.

My writing income: David Boyle

David Boyle blogs for us about his various sources of income and the challenges of making a living as an author.

Before You Sign | Charity Begins at Home

We’re all asked to contribute to charitable causes–money, time, professional expertise. Nicola Solomon asks how you can balance the line between being charitable and being exploited?

Carers Week blog: staying healthy and connected

11-17 June is Carers Week and to celebrate this, Bridget Blankley, a member of our Writers as Carers Group has written this blog on the theme of staying healthy and connected. 

Georgette Heyer’s copyrights

Associate Professor Rebecca Giblin investigates the curious case of Georgette Heyer's copyrights, and examines the historical implications of copyright law for authors.

Before You Sign | Option Clauses

Option Clauses give a publisher the right to get a first look at your future work. This month we asked the advisors for a rundown.

The cure for many ills, by Sarah Waights

Author Sarah Waights shares her experience of an Arvon writing retreat, and how she got together the money to fund it.

Event Report: Performance Skills Workshop with Cat Weatherill, by Claire Fayers

Find out how a pair of socks and an egg helped Claire Fayers become a stronger performer.

Before You Sign | Obtaining Permissions

Many contracts make the author responsible for obtaining permission for the use of any material from other sources, and for paying permission fees.

Calling authors earning less than £6205 a year: how will National Insurance changes affect you?

If you earn less than £6205 a year, proposed changes mean that you could see a fivefold increase in your National Insurance Contributions.

Talking points in Arts Council England’s ‘conversation’ – what we’ve said so far

The Society of Authors has responded to Arts Council England’s ‘conversation’ about its plans for the next ten years. This is the first stage of ACE’s consultation on its...

Before You Sign | Over-Reaching Contracts

Keep in mind that some contracts can affect your writing life far beyond the confines of the work you're being contracted for. Our experts point out the terms to watch out for.

The Truth About Truth | EA Wheal

As a new survey reveals that fake news travels faster and convinces more people than real news, Elizabeth-Anne Wheal offers a perspective on truth in the age of information warfare.

History in Pictures, March 2018

We've been active since 1884. Have a peek into the SoA's history with our #HistoryInPictures roundups.

Before You Sign | Getting your rights back

For February we went to the advisors for tips on how to get your rights back from publishers, and what to watch out for at the end of contracts.

Five rules on how not to write a biography | Jon Collins

Jon Collins lays out his five rules for avoiding disaster when writing biography.

Jumping through hoops | Patrick Humphries

Writing for radio can be enormously satisfying... provided you can jump through all the right hoops - broadcaster Patrick Humphries writes.

Before You Sign | Money from unexpected sources

This month we asked the advisors about collective licensing - a way for authors to quickly and easily boost their income.

Listening, closely... | Alice Lutyens

Print publishers’ assumption that audio rights should be bundled with print is not directly beneficial to authors, argues Alice Lutyens.

DIY PR | Dan Tyte

Dan Tyte shares his best tips for running your own book publicity.