Moving on up: SoA's new office (January gallery)

Take a look at some of the photos of the work-in-progress in our new office building.

Before You Sign | Freelance Engagements

Before you sign that freelance contract, take a look at our advice to ensure you're protected.

Charkin's half century in publishing

Richard Charkin considers how publishing has changed since he started work in 1972.

Boost your book sales

Ian Moore explains how a marketing strategy can boost self-publishing sales on Amazon – and can benefit traditionally published authors too.

Before You Sign | Round-Up 2018

We’re taking a look back at some of the topics covered in our Before You Sign blogs from 2018, before the new year.

How to read your work aloud

Dawn Finch unpicks what it takes to read your work aloud, from learning to project your voice to capturing new fans with a strong opening.

Before You Sign | Interviews

Before you say yes to that interview, or interview someone else, it's important that everyone understands the terms.

Before You Sign | Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

Thinking about collaborating with someone? Think carefully before you sign up to any sort of joint venture, commission or collaboration.

#WorldMentalHealthDay 2018 - searching for balance

On World Mental Health Day, Martin Reed asks if we sometimes get so wrapped up in the writing process that we forget to look after ourselves.

Despite tight school budgets an author visit to a school creates something that's priceless

Intervention Teacher and (Voluntary) School Librarian Kate Gieler blogs for us on the real-world impacts of author visits.

My Writing Living: Anne Rooney

Anne Rooney explains what it takes to maintain a decent income level, in the face of falling fees and advances, and ever tighter publication schedules.

Need help with getting permissions? | PLS blog

Publishers' Licensing Services introduce their free service for authors and editors seeking permission to reuse content.

What does Brexit mean for authors?

The SoA's Public Affairs Manager Tim Gallagher blogs about the current status of the Brexit negotiations and what they mean for authors, poets, scriptwriters and illustrators. 

My writing income: Philip Womack

Author Philip Womack blogs for us about his various sources of income

Before You Sign | School visits

School visits can be a rewarding experience and a great opportunity for a children’s writer or illustrator to be in direct contact with their audience. But before you brush up your...

My writing income (anonymous)

Academic writing, or how not to make a living

On Woman’s Weekly, by Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris blogs on Woman's Weekly, and why we should all care about their new contract policy.

My writing income: Fiona Scott-Barrett

Educational writer Fiona Scott-Barrett blogs for us about her earnings

My writing income: Ken Cockburn

Author Ken Cockburn blogs for us about his various sources of income

My writing income: Ken Paterson

Author Ken Paterson blogs for us about his various sources of income.