Spotlight on Scriptwriting: May round-up

Theo Jones, co-secretary of the Scriptwriters Group, presents a round-up of recent events and activities in the world of scriptwriting.

Before You Sign | Bank Account Scammers

This month we take a look at what to do if you or your publisher might have been scammed.

A day off from the world: Authors speak on mental health

For Mental Health Awareness Week we speak to the 2018 Betty Trask Award winners about the pressures of being an author.

How authors can help remove their books from online pirate sites

Find out what you can do if your books appear on pirate sites

Moving on up: SoA's new office (April)

We're finally in! Welcome to our new headquarters at 24 Bedford Row in Bloomsbury.

Before You Sign | Negligent Misstatements

Be careful when writing not to give misleading or dangerous advice, writes Nicola Solomon.

Making it hurt less: book tours

Author Adam Kay on book tours, marketing and getting paid – what if there's another way?

Standing up for authors, with David Donachie

The Editor of The Author interviews David Donachie, Chair of the SoA’s Management Committee.

Getting heard: A guide to complaining effectively

Janis Griffiths looks at how to get heard effectively by those in authority.

Moving on up: SoA's new office (March gallery)

We've come a long way in the last few months – check out the latest photos of our new office in Bloomsbury.  

Before You Sign | Author-Commissioned Illustrations

If you are commissioning the services of a fellow-creator, try to treat them as you would expect to be treated yourself.

Brexit: business as usual or time for change?

Read our summary of this week's panel event on the implications of Brexit for authors and the publishing industry. 

Six top tips for visiting the London Book Fair

We've put together our top tips to making the most of the London Book Fair.

Moving on up: SoA's new office (February gallery)

It's all go at our new office building in Bloomsbury, while the builders prep for our staff move in spring.

Before You Sign | Moral Rights

We look at the four moral rights in UK copyright law, and what you should be aware of.

Moving on up: SoA's new office (January gallery)

Take a look at some of the photos of the work-in-progress in our new office building.

Before You Sign | Freelance Engagements

Before you sign that freelance contract, take a look at our advice to ensure you're protected.

Charkin's half century in publishing

Richard Charkin considers how publishing has changed since he started work in 1972.

Boost your book sales

Ian Moore explains how a marketing strategy can boost self-publishing sales on Amazon – and can benefit traditionally published authors too.

Before You Sign | Round-Up 2018

We’re taking a look back at some of the topics covered in our Before You Sign blogs from 2018, before the new year.