Before You Sign | Negotiating Payment for Translators

This month, we share advice on negotiating payment for translators.

Why we need libraries

A. L. Kennedy offers a personal view on why libraries are 'palaces for people'.

Before You Sign | Forming a Limited Company

We take a look at the pros and cons of forming a limited company as an author.

Before You Sign | Joint Authorship

Thinking of working with someone else on your script, novel or poem? We discuss new guidance from the Court of Appeal.

Ignaty Dyakov: On lifestyle and health

Life and health coach Ignaty Dyakov explores his MEALS approach to lifestyle and health.

Before You Sign | Working with TV Producers

This month, Theo Jones discusses how authors and TV producers can work together fairly and effectively.

The Sky is Falling: On Mental Health and Care Work

Author Jim Green talks about mental health and caring in a re-imagining of the children's fable, Chicken-Licken.

How I dealt with mental health stigma

SoA's Bryony Hall opens up about her experience with mental health and stigma on World Mental Health Day.

Taking PLR international

To mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of PLR for authors, Jim Parker looks at what's happening overseas.

Sonic boom: The growth of the audiobook

Alison Flood reports on the growing audiobook market.

Climate Action Week: Green Tips for Authors

SoA's Bryony Hall explores what authors can do to tackle the climate crisis, both on an individual level and as a collective body.

Before You Sign | What deal are you getting?

Before you sign a publishing deal, make sure the deal you are getting works for you.

Before You Sign | 10 Red Flags

This month we focus on what to look out for and when to call in the SoA advisors.

Before You Sign | Social Media

Solicitors Briffa take a look at what to consider before posting on social media.

Writing Audio Drama: Don't forget to shut the door

Veteran radio dramatist Neville Teller offers tips for authors new to writing audio drama.

Six tips to submitting to poetry magazines

Robin Houghton advises newer poets on the best way to submit their work to magazines.

Before You Sign | Virtual Author Visits

Before you agree to live streaming a virtual visit for schools, universities or festivals, read our advice.

What's changed? Eric Gregory poets a year on

We ask four Eric Gregory winners about the impact of winning a prize a year on from the celebrations.

Is piracy mainstream now? | Anne Rooney

Anne Rooney considers the influence big organisations have on book piracy, and the ripple effect on the book industry.

Spotlight on Scriptwriting: May round-up

Theo Jones, co-secretary of the Scriptwriters Group, presents a round-up of recent events and activities in the world of scriptwriting.