Moving on up: SoA's new office (April)

15 April 2019 Moving

IMPORTANT: 24 Bedford Row is still a building site and we do not at present have a suitable area to receive visitors. For your own safety, please wait until we announce the opening of our ground floor members' area before visiting us in person.

We did it! After years of planning, weeks of packing and hundreds of supportive cups of tea, we finally made it to 24 Bedford Row. The new headquarters aren't open for visits just yet, but our staff floors are ready and the team are making the most of the new space.

We’re immensely grateful for the support from our members, Management Committee and Council over the years – all have been instrumental in helping us see through this big move. We can’t wait to welcome you into the new building once our members’ area is up and running in due course.

For now, browse through the latest pictures and let us know what you think!

Staff floors

We have books! We have desks! And views of the city, so we feel quite important. Here’s where our team are currently situated, working on your grant applications, contract queries and more. The open plan layout gives us greater opportunity for cross-departmental work and for sharing biscuits.

Staff room

Speaking of biscuits, this is our staff-room-in-progress. It means that we’ll have a dedicated area where our team can take a break or have lunch. The kitchen is, thankfully, ready – storing the second most important item in the building after books: caffeine.

Entrance and stairwell

The building is more accessible than our old premises – with more tube and bus routes close by – and a lift coming in soon. This is partly why the building is not yet open to visitors – the stairwell isn’t accessible for everybody. But our builders are working hard to get this ready, which is good news for our upper floor residents!

Members’ area

We are incredibly excited to launch a dedicated members’ area for the very first time. Here’s where we’ll run in-house events, meetings and offer our members an opportunity to work, write and draw here. It’s still in progress, and we’re expecting it to be ready by the summer. Stand by for the announcement!

The neighbouring park

The best thing? This park next door. (Gray's Inn Walks Gardens.)

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