Copyright Education: Cracking Ideas

2 November 2015

The SoA welcomes a new initiative from the Intellectual Property Office. Cracking Ideas provides information and free resources to teachers for classroom education on intellectual property across the key stages.

The IPO explains the project:

Is there a budding Branson or Dyson in your classroom? Know a future Bill Gates or J.K. Rowling? Or will your name be enough to inspire future generations?

Whatever you create or plan to create, learning about intellectual property will ensure you get the credit you deserve. Art or apps; technology that saves time or saves lives: this site shows you how to protect your cracking ideas.

The SoA believes copyright is central to ensuring authors and other creators retain control over their work and if and how it is used. As such we are in favour of promoting knowledge of copyright and other forms of intellectual property from as young an age as possible. We are actively involved in lobbying and liaising on copyright education and our Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon, chairs the British Copyright Council’s subcommittee on the subject. 



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