SoA Management Committee Elections: Ballot Open

2 October 2017

The election ballot for vacancies on the SoA’s Management Committee is now open until noon on 25 October and we urge all Full Members to exercise your democratic right.

Full Members* of the SoA should soon receive ballot papers and candidates’ statements for the 2017 Management Committee elections with your copy of the Autumn issue of The Author, or separately if you live overseas.

If you are a Full Member and have not received your papers by Monday 9 October please contact us. The Management Committee is made up of Members who are unpaid volunteers. They are responsible for the direction of the SoA and make all major policy and strategy decisions.

Members of the Management Committee each serve for three years and at the AGM in November David Donachie, Peter Groves and Lucinda Hawksley will reach the end of their terms.

There are eight candidates for the four vacancies, each nominated by two fellow Members. You can read their statements here.

If you have lost the envelope your ballot paper came with, you can return it in a plain envelope addressed to 'FREEPOST ERS'. No postage will be required.

Please don’t miss your chance to shape the future of your SoA.

* Associates of the SoA are not eligible to vote.


Niall Slater (19/10/2017 03:59)
" Hi Marjorie,

You can return ballots to 'FREEPOST ERS'. No postage will be required if you return an envelope in this way."
Marjorie Rosenberg (07/10/2017 03:15)
" Dear colleagues,

I have misplaced the envelope which was sent to us for enclosing our ballots. However, I will be mailing this in any case from outside the UK. Can you send me the address I should use?
Thank you.

Marjorie Rosenberg"

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