Want to get your book in bookshops?

Want to get your book stocked in a high street bookshop? is a new guide published by the Booksellers Association. Primarily aimed at independent authors, the guide also offers ideas and tips for authors published by a mainstream publisher.

Sheilla O'Reilly of Village Books, Dulwich, said:

With so many books published, sometimes getting books onto the shelves of bookshops - and in front of customers - can be challenging. Authors are constantly striving to ensure that their books are in the bookshops, and are always looking for hints and tips as to how to achieve that. Booksellers, similarly, are regularly asked by authors how they should best approach their local bookshop.

So we thought we’d pull together all the advice and tips into one document. Our Top Tips for Authors gathers together advice from a variety of booksellers and bookshops, with the aim of producing a comprehensive document to help authors get their books into bookshops. We hope that SoA members will find it useful.

Download the full guide.