Management Committee elections open September 2019

We have now received 8 nominations for the four vacancies on our Management Committee, so there will be an election in September 2019. Full Members will receive their ballot papers– and the candidate statements – in the autumn issue of The Author.

Associate Members are not eligible to vote, so it is worth checking your membership status at this stage in case you are eligible for full membership. Associate Members can upgrade at any time, there is no need to wait for your renewal date. (Your subscription fee will remain the same.) To check your membership status, visit the members’ area and email to upgrade, quoting your SoA number.

The Management Committee is made up of Members who are unpaid volunteers. They are responsible for the direction of the SoA and make all major policy and strategy decisions.

Members of the Management Committee each serve for three years. Joanne Harris, Carol Lee, Charles Palliser and Celia Rees will reach the end of their terms at this year’s AGM in November. There are 8 candidates for the four vacancies, all nominated by two fellow members.