Cast your vote in the 2019 SoA Management Committee elections

18 September 2019

It’s time to help shape the future of your union and vote in the 2019 Management Committee election. Eight candidates are standing for four vacancies, and we urge you to exercise your democratic right and have your say. All Full Members are eligible to vote.

Ballot papers and candidate statements have been distributed with the Autumn issue of The Author – or separately if you live overseas. If you have not received your papers by Monday 23 September, please contact us.

You can read the candidate statements online here.

Please cast your vote by post using the reply-paid envelope enclosed with your ballot paper. The deadline for receipt of all votes is Wednesday 23 October. If you have lost your envelope, all you will need is the freepost address FREEPOST ERS on the envelope.

Members of the Management Committee each serve for three years and are responsible for the strategic direction of the SoA. Joanne Harris, Carol Lee, Charles Palliser and Celia Rees will reach the end of their terms at the AGM in November.

This is an important opportunity to influence the direction of the SoA. Be sure to read the candidate statements thoroughly to help make your decision.

Please note: Associate Members are not eligible to vote.

Photo © Melinda Nagy / Adobe Stock

Update (16/10): If you have any questions, or are having any problems, please contact


Society of Authors (17/10/2019 11:59)
" Dear Charlotte and Jan,

We have responded to you both separately but if you can no longer find the envelope, all you will need as the address is FREEPOST ERS, which will make its way to the Electoral Reform Services. If you have any other questions please email and we'll get back to you."
Jan Sprenger (14/10/2019 11:49)
" I too wondered about the reply envelope - I've just come back from a fortnight's holiday, opened a stack of post and then looked for a SoA envelope. Having seen Charlotte's query above, I'm assuming this IS the correct return address."
Charlotte Covill (03/10/2019 10:58)
" I would like to return my Ballot Paper but am unsure whether I have the correct envelope. Please could you confirm whether the address is:

Electoral Reform Services
N81 1ER

Thank you.

PS I have tried checking the website but can't see it."

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