Past winners of the Tom-Gallon Trust Award

2018 Winner: Chris Connolly for The Speed of Light and How It Cannot Help Us
Runner-up: Benjamin Myers for A Thousand Acres of English Soil
Shortlist: Kirsty Logan for My Body Cannot Forget Your Body, Valerie O'Riordan for Livestock, Gabi Reigh for It Was a Very Good Year and Jacky Taylor for A Brief Period of Rejoicing.

2017 Winner: Frances Thimann for Shells
Runner-up: Becky Tipper for The Rabbit

2016 Winner: Claire Harman forOtherwise Engaged 
Runner-up: Jessie Greengrass forDolphin

2015 Maria C. McCarthy for More Katharine Than Audrey
Runner-up: Caroline Price forVin Rouge

2014 Benjamin Myers for The Folk Song Singer
Runner-up: Claire Harman for Poor Magigie Kirkpatrick

2013 Samuel Wright for Best Friend
Runner-up: Lucy Wood for Wisht

2012 No award

2011 Emma Timpany forThe Pledge
Runner-up: Miriam Burke for A Splash of Words

2010 Winner: Carys Davies for The Quiet
Joint runners-up: Susannah Rickards for The Paperback Macbeth and Simon van Booy for Little Birds

2009 Winner: Rosemary Mairs for My Father’s Hands
Specially commended: Huw Lawrence for Keeping On

2008 Winner: Alison MacLeod for Dirty Weekend

2007 Winner: Claire Keegan for The Parting Gift

2006 Winner: Bethan Roberts for An Elephant in the Thames

2005 Winner: Colette Paul for O Tell me the Truth About Love

2004 Winner: Claire Keegan for Men and Women

2003 Winner: Judith Ravenscroft for As She Waited for Spring

2001 Winner: Paul Blaney for Apple Tennis

1999 Winner: Grace Ingoldby for The Notion of Deuce

1996 Winner: Leo Madigan for Packing for Wednesday

1994 Winner: Janice Fox for A Good Place to Die

1992 Winner: David Callard for Reading the Signals

1990 Winner: Richard Austin for Sister Monica’s Last Journey

1988 Winner: Alan Beard for Taking Doreen Out of the Sky

1986 Winner: Lawrence Scott for The House of Funerals

1984 Winner: Janni Howker for The Egg Man

1982 Winner: Dermot Healy for The Tenant

1980 Winner: Alan McConnell for The Comrades Marathon

1978 Winner: Michael Morrissey for An Evening With Ionesco

1976 Winner: Jackson Webb for Vassili

1974 Winner: Neilson Graham for Anscombe

1972 Winner: Kathleen Julian for Catch Two

1970 Winner: A. Craig Bell for The Nest / Aileen Pennington The Princess and the Pussy-cat

1968 No award

1966 Winner: Gillian Edwards for An Evening in September

1964 Winner: Peter Greave for The Wonderful Day / Jean Stubbs A Child’s Four Seasons

1963 No award

1961 No award

1959 Winner: Harold Elvin for God’s Right Hand Upon My Shoulder

1957 Winner: E.W. Hildick for A Casual Visit

1955 Winner: Robert Roberts for Conducted Tour

1953 Winner: Maurice Cranston for A Visit to the Author

1951 Winner: Fred Urquhart for The Ploughing Match

1949 Winner: Olivia Manning for The Children

1947 Winner: Dorothy K. Haynes for The Head

1945 Winner: Jack Aistrop for Death In the Midst of What

1943 Winner: Elizabeth Myers for A Well Full of Leaves