Past winners

2020 (presented 2021)

Winner: Martyn Crucefix for his translation of These Numbered Days by Peter Huchel (Shearsman Books)

Runner-up: Jamie Bulloch for his translation of You Would Have Missed Me by Birgit Vanderbeke (Peirene Press)

Shortlisted: Joel Agee for a translation of Agathe: Or, the Forgotten Sister by Robert Musil (New York Review Books) 

Imogen Taylor for a translation of Beside Myself by Sasha Marianna Salzmann (Text Publishing) 

Karen Leeder for a translation of The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven by Raoul Schrott (Seagull Book)

Sinead Crowe and Rachel McNicholl for a translation of The Storyteller by Pierre Jarawan (World Editions)

2019 (presented 2020)

Winner: Iain Galbraith for a translation of River by Esther Kinsky (Fitzcarraldo Editions)

Runner-up: Karen Leeder for a translation of Thick of It by Ulrike Almut Sandig (Seagull Books)

Shortlisted: Margot Bettauer Dembo for a translation of The Seventh Cross by Anna Seghers (Virago Press)

Katy Derbyshire for a translation of Gentleman Jack by Angela Steidele (Serpent's Tail)

Simon Pare for a translation of The Flying Mountain by Christoph Ransmayr (Seagull Books)

Damion Searls for a translation of Anniversaries: From a Year in the Life of Cresspahl by Uwe Johnson (New York Review Books)


2018 (presented 2019)

Winner: Tony Crawford for a translation of Wonder Beyond Belief by Navid Kermani (Polity Press)

Runner-up: Tess Lewis for a translation of Kruso by Lutz Seiler (Scribe)

Shortlistees: Susan Bernofsky for a translation of Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck (Granta)

Jen Calleja for a translation of Dance by the Canal by Kerstin Hensel (Peirene Press)

Stefan Tobler for a translation of The Old King in His Exile by Arno Geiger (And Other Stories)

2017 (presented 2018)

Winner: Allan Blunden for a translation of Nightmare in Berlin by Hans Fallada (Scribe)

Commended: Katy Derbyshire for a translation of Bricks and Mortar by Clemens Meyer (Fitzcarraldo Editions)

2016 (presented 2017)

Winner: Iain Galbraith for a translation of Self-Portrait With A Swarm of Bees by Jan Wagner (Arc Publications)

Commended: Anthea Bell for a translation of All for Nothing by Walter Kempowski (Granta)

2015 (presented 2016)

Winner: Susan Bernofsky for a translation ofThe End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck (Portobello)

Commended: Shaun Whiteside for a translation ofThe Giraffe's Neck by Judith Schalansky (Bloomsbury)


Winner: Jamie Bulloch for a translation of The Mussel Feast by Birgit Vanderbeke (Peirene Press)

Commended: Anthea Bell for a translation of In Times of Fading Light by Eugen Ruge (Faber)


Winner: Ian Crockatt for a translation of Pure Contradiction - selected poems by Rainer Maria Rilke (Arc)

Commended: Jamie Bulloch for a translation of Sea of Ink by Richard Weihe (Peirene)


Winner: Vincent Kling for a translation of Why the Child is Cooking in the Polenta by Aglaja Veteranyi (Dalkey Archive Press)

Commended: Ross Benjamin for a translation of Funeral for a Dog (pictured far right) by Thomas Pletzinger (Norton)


Winner: Damion Searls for a translation of Comedy in a Minor Key by Hans Keilson (Hesperus)

Runner-up: Michael Hofmann for a translation of Angina Days – Selected Poems by Günter Eich (Princeton University Press)


Winner: Breon Mitchell for a translation of The Tin Drum by Günter Grass (Harvill Secker)

Runner-up: Allan Blunden for a translation of The Return of the State? By Erhard Eppler (Forum Press)


Winner: Anthea Bell for a translation of Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig (Pushkin Press)

Runner up: Michael Hofmann for a translation of The Seventh Well by Fred Wander (Granta)


Winner: Ian Fairley for a translation of Snow Part by Paul Celan (Carcanet)

Runner up: Anthea Bell for a translation of Amok and Other Stories (Pushkin Press)


Winner: Sally-Anne Spencer for a translation of The Swarm by Frank Schätzing (Hodder)

Runner up: Anthea Bell for a translation of Vienna by Eva Menasse (Weidenfeld)


Winner: Philip Boehm for a translation of A Woman in Berlin Anonymous (Virago)

Runner up: Caroline Mustill for a translation of A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich (Yale University Press)


Winner: Karen Leeder for a translation of Selected Poems by Evelyn Schlag (Carcanet)

Runner up: Michael Hofmann for a translation of The Stalin Organ by Gert Ledig (Granta Books)


Winner: Martin Chalmers for a translation of The Lesser Evil - The Diaries of Victor Klemperer 1945-59 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)


Winner: Anthea Bell for a translation of Rain by Karen Duve (Bloomsbury)

Runner up: Michael Hofmann for a translation of Luck by Gert Hofmann (Harvill)


Winner: Anthea Bell for a translation of Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald (Hamish Hamilton)

Runner up: John Felstiner for a translation of The Poems and Prose of Paul Celan (Norton)


Winner: Krishna Winston for a translation of Too Far Afield by Gunter Grass (Faber and Faber)

Runner up: Anthea Bell for a translation of Vienna Passion by Lilian Faschinger (Headline)


Winner: Joyce Crick for a translation of The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud (OUP)

Runner up: Patrick Bridgwater for a translation of Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke (Menard Press)


Winner: John Brownjohn for a translation of Heroes Like Us by Thomas Brussig (Harvill)


Winner: Mike Mitchell for a translation of Letters Back to Ancient China by Herbert Rosendorfer (Dedalus)

Runner up: J.A. Underwood for a translation of The Castle by Franz Kafka (Penguin)


Winner: Shaun Whiteside for a translation of Magdalena the Sinner by Lilian Faschinger (Headline Review)


Winner: David McLintock for a translation of Extinction by Thomas Bernhardt (Quartet),

and David McLintock for a translation of Caesar by Christian Meier (HarperCollins)


Winner: Ronald Speirs for a translation of Political Writings of Max Weber (CUP)

and William Yuill for a translation of a translation of The Making of Europe: The Enlightenment by Ulrich im Hof (Blackwell)


Winner: Krishna Winston for a translation of Goebbels by Ralf Georg Reuth (Constable)


Three joint winners: John Brownjohn for a translation of The Swedish Cavaliers by Leo Perutz (Harvill), John Brownjohn for a translation of Infanta by Bodo Kirchhoff (Harvill) and Michael Hofmann for a translation of Death in Rome by Wolfgang Koeppen (Hamish Hamilton)


Winner: Geoffrey Skelton for a translation of The Training Ground by Siegfried Lenz (Methuen)


Winner: John Woods for a translation of The Last World by Christoph Ransmayr (Chatto & Windus)

and Hugh Young for a translation of The Story of the Last Thought by Edgar Hilsenrath (Penguin)


Winner: David McLintock for a translation of Women in a River Landscape by Heinrich Boll (Secker & Warburg)


Winner: Quintin Hoare for a translation of The Town Park & Other Stories by Herman Grab (Verso),

and Peter Tegel for a translation of The Snake Tree by Uwe Timm (Picador)


Winner: Ralph Manheim for a translation of The Rat by Gunter Grass (Secker & Warburg)

and Michael Hofmann for a translation of The Double-Bass by Patrick Suskind (Hamish Hamilton)


Winner: Anthea Bell for a translation of The Stone and the Flute by Hans Bemmann (Viking)


Winner: Christopher Middleton for a translation of The Spectacle at the Tower by Gert Hofmann (Carcanet)

and Allan Blunden for a translation of Pro and Contra Wagner by Thomas Mann (Faber and Faber)


Winner: John Bowden for a translation of The Authority of the Bible and the Rise of the Modern World by Henning Graf Reventlow (SCM Press)


Winner: Patricia Crampton for a translation of Marbot by Wolfgang Hildesheimer (Dent)


Winner: Paul Falla & A.J. Ryder for a translation of A History of European Integration 1945/47 by Walter Lipgens (Clarendon Press) 

and Arnold Pomerans for a translation of A Small Yes and a Big No by George Grosz (Allison & Busby)


Winner: Eric Mosbacher for a translation of The Wolf by Eric Zimen (Souvenir)


Winner: Michael Hamburger for a translation of Poems by Paul Celan (Carcanet),

and Edward Quinn for a translation of Does God Exist? by Hans Kung (Collins)


Winner: Janet Seligman for a translation of The English House by Herman Matheusieus (Granada)

and David & Hazel Harvey for a translation of Sophocles by Karl Reinhart (Blackwell)


Winner: Ralph Manheim for a translation of The Flounder by Gunter Grass (Secker & Warburg)

and John Brownjohn for a translation of People and Politics by Willy Brandt (Collins)


Winner: Michael Hamburger for a translation of German Poetry 1910-1975 (Carcanet)


Winner: Charles Kessler for a translation of Wallenstein – His Life Narrated by Golo Mann (Andre Deutsch)

and Ralph Manheim for a translation of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht (Eyre Methuen)


Winner: Marian Jackson for a translation of War of Illusions by Fritz Fischer (Chatto & Windus)


Winner: John Bowden for a translation of Judaism and Hellensim by Martin Hengel (SCM Press)


Winner: Geoffrey Skelton for a translation of Frieda Lawrence by Robert Lucas (Secker & Warburg)


Winner: Geoffrey Strachan for a translation of Love and Hate by Irendus Eibl-Eibesfeldt (Methuen)


Winner : Richard Barry for a translation of The Brutal Takeover by Kurt von Schuschnigg (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)


Winner: Ewald Osers for a translation of The Scorched Earth by Paul Carell (Harrap)


Winner: Eric Mosbacher for a translation of Society without the Father by Alexander Mischerlich (Tavistock)


Winner: Lelia Vennewitz for a translation of The End of a Mission by Heinrich Boll (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)


Winner: Henry Collins for a translation of History of the International by J. Braunthal (Nelson)


Winner: James Strachey for a translation of Works of Sigmund Freud (Hogarth)


Winner: Ralph Manheim for a translation of Dog Years by Gunter Grass (Secker & Warburg)


Winner: Michael Bullock for a translation of The Thirtieth Year by Ingeborg Bachmann (Andre Deutsch) and Report on Bruno by Joseph Breitbach (Cape)