Past winners


Winner: Bela Shayevich for her translation of Second-hand Time by Svetlana Alexievich and edited by Jacques Testard (Fitzcarraldo Editions)


Jeffrey Zuckerman for his translation of Eve Out of Her Ruins, edited by Cécile Menon and Angeline Rothermundt and originally written by Ananda Devi in French. Published by Les Fugitives.

Francesca Barrie for her translation of Notes on a Thesis, edited by Claire Bullock and originally written by Tiphanie Rivière in French. Published by Jonathan Cape.

Eliza  Marciniak for her translation of Swallowing Mercury, edited by Max Porter and Ka Bradley, and originally written by Wioletta Greg in Polish. Published by Portobello Books.

Mui Poopoksakul for her translation of The Sad Part Was, edited by Deborah Smith and originally written by Prabda Yoon in Thai. Published by Tilted Axis Press.

Elisabeth Jaquette for her translation of The Queue, edited by Sal Robinson and Taylor Sperry and  and originally written by Basma Abdel Aziz in Arabic. Published by Melville House.