Council & President

The Council is an honorary body of up to 60 eminent authors.

Council Member is an accolade conferred by the Management Committee on members of high standing who have been exceptional in their support of the SoA.

The Council has two powers: to elect the President; and if the SoA ceases to exist for any reason to ensure that any assets are passed to a similar organisation. The strategy and policy of the SoA is directed by the Management Committee and the daily work carried out by the staff.

Council members appointed since 2014 join for a ten year term but may be reappointed one or more times. Council members appointed before 2014 have a lifetime term.

The President is an ambassador for the SoA and comments on broad policy issues, but has no role in the direction or governance of the SoA. Sir Philip Pullman resigned from the role of President on 24 March 2022.