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Translators Association

The Translators Association (TA) provides a source of expert advice for individual literary translators and is also a collective voice representing the profession as a whole. 

Translators automatically become a member of the TA on joining the SoA.

The TA programmes events such as the TA@Home festival and is a partner in the Literary Translation Festival at the London Book Fair.  In 2021 the committee set up three working groups focussing in detail on Inclusivity and Representation; Translating for the Theatre and Film Rights.

Current campaigns include #Namethetranslator and increasing the eligibility, recognition and rewarding of translations in literary prizes.

The TA is run by a committee of 10 elected members.and managed by  SoA Group Co-ordinator, Catherine Fuller

 Reasons to Join the TA

"I love being around translators because it’s a generous, friendly and forward-thinking community. Being on the TA committee has allowed me to think about the practical ways in which we can make literary translation more prominent in literary culture and make translators’ working lives easier." – Sasha Dugdale

  • Contract vetting: individual advice on your publishing contracts.
  • Advice and support on professional issues.
  • Access to the free TA email discussion group for members only.
  • Meetings and events including the annual 'LBF-1' day before the London Book Fair.
  • A regular TA e-newsletter with news, events and opportunities.
  • Free guides and articles on a range of topics of interest to all writers, including Copyright and Moral Rights, Libel, and Publishing Contracts.
  • Free Guide to Translator/Publisher Contracts contains a basic agreement and is also available to non-members for £10.
  • Free Guide to Author-Commissioned Translations. This guide is available to non-members for £10.
  • Free Guide to Relay Translation. This guide is available to non-members for £6


Remuneration is a matter for negotiation between the translator and publisher. In our experience, translators and publishers negotiate fees starting in the region of £95 per thousand words. This fee may be considerably higher, depending on various factors including the translator’s experience, the timescale for the translation, the difficulty of the prose, the amount of research required and the availability of translation funding. 

The word count can apply to either the source or target language.

Read our Negotiating Payment for Translations blog 

The agreed sum may come as a flat fee, an advance against royalties, or a fee plus royalties from the first copy sold. For poetry we have observed payment in the region of £1.10 per line with a minimum of £35 per poem.

When negotiating a contract you and the publisher will want to consider a number of factors. How long will it take you to complete the translation? As well as the word count consider your experience, the complexity of the translation and if any additional research is required. Does the publisher need the translation by a very tight deadline? Is there grant funding available to support the costs of your translation? Will you get a royalty on sales?

You can also find further information and guidance on our Rates and Fees pages.

Don't forget that TA members are always entitled to unlimited advice and vetting of individual contracts from the SoA advisory team.

For further advice contact Catherine Fuller.



TA AGM 2020

Posted: 16 November 2020

The 2020 TA AGM was held online on Tuesday 10 November 2-2.30pm. 

Read the Co-Chairs' Annual Report 2020 here

TA Symposium 9 March 2020

Posted: 22 January 2020

 'LBF-1' Translation Symposium 2020 - Translating Trauma

The notes from our Translating Trauma session are available here. Many thanks to Lorna Fulton for sharing her presentation.