It is great to have it written in such a way we can use in our correspondence to the publisher. You are such a wonderful help to us, we really appreciate it.

Arlene Porter

My book Sleepyhead has just been published, research for it funded by a generous grant from SoA. Thank you again. It made the world of a difference.

Henry Nicholls

I submitted all your suggested amendments, fearing the worst and expecting my publisher to tell me to "walk". I couldn't have been more wrong! They accepted virtually all your amendments without question.

Christina Hollis

The Society of Authors have offered such incredible support and expertise. To know that they are always there to offer advice - across so many different areas - is a huge help and reassurance for an author trying to navigate what can be a very complex modern world of publishing and media.

Dan Freedman

Many thanks for responding to my query so quickly, clearly and expertly. Your comments are a great help. Brilliant service!

David Doherty

I always say the SoA membership is the best club I've ever joined! The SoA have saved me a fortune over the years, and are worth every penny. It genuinely feels like being part of a big protective family, and it's always nice to know that someone has my back.

Dawn Finch

As soon as my agent asked the questions you listed, and mentioned that the SoA had been approached for advice, all rights were reverted. Astonishing, but true.

Hilary McKay

I joined the Society of Authors in a moment when I needed urgent legal advice on some contracts I was signing. Not only did the team give me quick, accurate feedback, they were professional, friendly and incredibly insightful. They even took into account the extra clauses my specific situation required. I cannot recommend the SoA enough for any writer looking to sign with an agent or negotiate a publishing deal, their advice has been invaluable and they are a real support in what can sometimes feel like quite an isolated profession.

Jasmin Kirkbride

Joining the Society of Authors a year ago was the best £90 I spent in my life. EVER.

Karen Wheeler

The best annual membership that any author can buy. They're absolute angels.

Joseph D'Lacey

Thank you for all your help and support when I needed someone most.

Josie Whitehead

Thank you SoA, as ever, for being so supportive. You offer the most fantastic support service to us authors and I for one really, really appreciate it.

Julie Summers

Thank you for your kind and timely advice over my contract. I will never regret having joined the SoA, in fact I wish I had done so three years ago because I would certainly have benefitted contractually from your advice at the time when my first book was accepted for publication and I had no agent to look after my interests. My short literary career has been a very steep learning curve - almost vertical in fact! Since our email exchanges, I do really have the feeling that I have a friend in the SoA who is watching my back - and that is enormously important for me.

Mari Griffith

Many thanks, Nicola. This is invaluable and I've been searching for ages for such support. Why I didn't ask you guys in the first place is a point of red-faced shame...

Nicholas Tims

My grateful thanks for your help and encouragement over my Freedom of Information request in the course of researching a new biography of the bestselling writer Edgar Wallace. I am delighted to say that my appeal against the original ruling forbidding access to papers relating to his estate has been allowed. This is largely as a result of the help I had from you and colleagues at the SoA, and I am most grateful to all concerned. What gets us through in life is a succession of small victories like these.

Roger Wilkes

I'd said this before and I'll say it again: this SoA advisory service is wonderful!

Tim Major