Tam McTurk

Location: 07877 731544

The careers guy at school didn’t have translator on his list. It took a detour via German literature at uni and a few other jobs in Copenhagen but I got there in the end and have been doing this full-time for over two decades. I work from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian into (British) English. 


Eclectic would be one word for my output, I suppose. Everything from rap songs to product descriptions, hence the large number of categories I clicked on below. It’s not that I don’t have personal preferences, I’ve just always preferred to earn a living. Now that the offspring have flown the nest I’m getting a bit fussier. Most of my work has been non-fiction so far. I’m deeply interested in social science, the humanities (especially history, politics, economics and current affairs) but I’d like to try my hand at more biographies (only one so far). Like most translators, I’m a voracious reader and lover of literature, so I am now trying to break into literature as well.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch. I have excellent references, am easy to work and socialise with and I have a quasi-religious fervour about deadlines.

Translation of non-fiction books and academic textbooks. Editing services. Seminars/workshops. Exhibition catalogues, Copy editing and proof-reading,
Academic, Architecture & Planning, Art, Banking & Finance, Biographies, Commerce & Business, Culture, Current Affairs, Design, Ecology, Economics, Education - General, Environment, Fiction, Fine Arts, History - 20th Century, Management, Marketing, Natural History, Non-Fiction, Novels, Politics, Short Stories, Sociology, Television, Theatre, Visual Arts, World affairs, Philosophy, Politics and worl