Claire McCabe

I am a copy writer, not usual for this site I believe. I love working with words and wielding their mighty power to champion your cause. Whatever your aim – sales conversion, informative content, essential description, entertainment – you want writing that is easily understood and represents the high quality of your business offering.

Clear communication is the essence of all successful human connections.

With me, at, you get a writer who:
•Fully engages with you as a collaborative partner
•Handles your ideas and concepts respectfully
•Takes initiative and offers creative solutions
•Completely fulfils the requirements of your brief
•Delivers an excellent finished product

You benefit from the expert comprehension skills I developed during my previous incarnation as a primary school teacher. I know how to break down complex concepts into their component parts and explain how they work with absolute clarity. People will know precisely who you are and understand exactly what you have to say.

I was privileged enough to work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities – literally from London to Outer Mongolia! I was often privy to the vulnerabilities, worries and fears of the adults, as well as the children, in my care. My ability to empathise has been sharpened by these daily interactions. I employ this skill to help you connect with your clients – by putting myself in both your shoes and theirs!



My writing experience encompasses, amongst other things: • Blog pieces • Advertising copy • Trade specific guides • Articles on a variety of subjects • Early years after school care curriculum • Data analysis reports • Planning and assessment curriculum documents • Grammar tasks for primary and secondary pupils • Comprehension questions for classic children’s literature