Dr Bashir Qureshi

The problem with success is that it has to be repeated; please keep on repeating.


Author of "Transcultural Medicine". Guest broadcaster on TV and radio on health issues and cultural/religious/ethnic issues. Medical journalist - published over 381 articles since 1981. General Practitioner in London. Expert witness on transcultural medicine and issues. Guest lecturer on transcultural medicine.
Also a Translater from Urdu to English and vice versa.
I blieve in "Try before you buy and then no need to cry".


Willing to assist Press; TV, Radio and Newspapers Reorters in following areas:

1. Cultural, Religious & Ethnic Issues.

2.Medical, Paediatrics and Public Health issues.

3. British Empire In India unti 1947; Historical stories.

4. Child Health and School Health issues and stories.

5. Elderly people in Britain; issues and stories.

I am author of one book; TRANSCULTURAL MEDICINE; Dealing with patients from different cultures, religions and ethnicities. This book was read by the British doctors on duty in Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

I am looking for publishers who would like me to publish new books, where I can provide unique input. For example;

1. Real stories of British Empire in India, from 1940 to 1947.

2. Real stories of the National Health Service in Britain from 1964 to 2017.

Give talks and readings to adults, Journalist and broadcaster, Contribute to/write textbooks, Write for magazines/newspapers, Write book reviews. Serve on Books Awards Panels of the British Medical Association and on panel of the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Universities and Higher Institutions in the UK.
Current Affairs, Education - General, Ethics - various, Family Planning, World affairs, Cultural history, Romance, Community Affairs, Social networking, Storytelling, Anthropology, Culture, History - General, History - 20th Century, Media, Medicine, Politics, Pregnancy, Radio, Religion, Short Stories, Television, Transcultural medicine, Men's development, Childcare, Family, Anthropology, Culture, Single people, Elderly achievers and similar topics.