Agnes Sam

Location: 01904 423866

I am a British author although my official website describes me as a South African author because my writing has focussed on South Africa. I began writing in Ndola, Zambia for the Sunday Times there, when it was clear to me that after independence in that country children had no access to books, but could afford newspapers. I had studied at the Catholic University at Roma, Lesotho and was a Biology teacher. Therefore I wrote very simple pieces for the newspaper. I was very interested in writing but was lacking in confidence, When I came to the UK I studied at York University and also have an Honours degree in English. I am very grateful to Dr Anna Rutherford in Denmark, who was the first person to publish my writing in the Commonwealth journal 'Kunapipi'. I am also very grateful to Gordon House who was at the World Service and sent my screen play 'Dora' to Penny Gold at Radio 4. Penny commissioned me to adapt it for Radio.