Ms Adriana Diaz-Enciso

Bilingual author of poetry and fiction, born in Mexico, and a Londoner since 1999

I am an author and translator of Mexican origin, and I've been living in London since 1999. I've published 13 books in Mexico (poetry, short stories and novel), apart from my work as a translator and a self-published venture in English (Flint, an elegy and book of dreams). My most recent novel is Ciudad doliente de Dios, inspired in William Blake's Prophetic Poems. I also wrote many lyrics for Mexican rock band Santa Sabina, and have also written for the stage (including a cabaret show and an opera libretto) and for TV.

My latest translation into Spanish is George Eliot's The Lifted Veil.

I write in Spanish and in English - after so many years in the UK, I think and, more importantly, dream in English most of the time. I find writing in two different languages as mysterious and fruitful as writing in different genres and literary forms. It helps me find different nuances and meanings, all of which make up what we might call my voice.

My literary convictions are perhaps old fashioned: I do believe that literature and the arts are transcendent endeavours which help us bridge the distance between the mundane and the ineffable. Without them, we would be blind to the meaning of being human.

Reading of an excerpt of my piece 'Flint'

Reading of a chapter of Ciudad doliente de Dios (in Spanish)

Adriana Díaz Enciso

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Poetry and fiction
Hard to define. The subjects are varied. I would say that my writing seeks the mystery of existence, with a leaning towards the invisible rather than the tangible.