James Willis

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Author of 'The Paradox of Progress' and 'Friends in Low Places' - I try to understand the modern world from a background in NHS general practice.

My starting point was trying to preserve the humanity of my own personal medical practice while embracing the fabulous potential of technology, especially information technology, which enthralled me as it emerged in the 1980s. I gathered original insights from years of daily medical practice and wrote what became a significant book in British General Practice literature (PoP, 1995). But it was always intended for a wider readership and it strikes a powerful chord with people from an astonishing range of walks of life who happen to come across it. I stand by every word.

The concluding words were: "Most of all we need to keep technology in its proper place, as the servant of the individual person, not the master. To make use of its enormous potential to enhance life. Whilst protecting ourselves from its enormous potential to diminish and imprison us."

My second book (FiLP, 2001) takes the arguments further. Some people prefer it.

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