Mrs Elen Sentier


Elen was born into, a family of cunning folk and grew up in villages on Dartmoor and Exmoor where the old ways of Britain have been passed down through families since time out of mind. She has written many books on the old British native ways, and has been teaching them since the 1980s. 

She's a wilderness woman at heart, and lives with her cats, husband and a host of wildlife in the back of beyond in the Welsh Marches, a magical twilight place, between two countries and between the worlds. Here, she writes books on the old ways of Britain and magic/mystery/romance novels. When not writing, she may be found out on the hills and mountains, walking and sometimes camping in the wild. Or she may be in her kitchen making brews, like sloe gin, from hedgerow harvests; or spinning and weaving; or painting watercolours. And, of course, playing with the cats! 

The old magical ways of Britain; magic/mystery/romance novelist; poet; blogger; articles, interviews, podcasts; talks; readings; workshops; reviews.
British native shamanism, speculative fiction, folk/fairy tales, mythology, gardening, fantasy, romance, surrealism, post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels