Ian Wilkinson


As a author of historical novels I blend dramatic narrative and dialogue, quirky yet empathic characters, and a wide range of emotions within stories of love and war. As a former psychologist and therapist I know that all of have secrets, and some of us have secret lives. My fiction uses my understanding of how individuals react to trauma and how characters and relationships change under stress. And I love bringing the past to life so that readers journey alongside the characters into a different world.I had a productive and well-respected career as a child psychologist before writing novels. I wrote two books about how to use assessments to measure progress in child psychology (for which the BPS awarded a fellowship) worked as the academic tutor for Newcastle University and was elected to represent my professional group at a national level. But most important, I spent twenty years helping children and their families deal with trauma, illness and other dilemmas. Hearing the secret lives of others and listening to their internal worlds, their thoughts and feelings, and seeing how these impact upon the person’s life and external world is very helpful for a writer; and learning how to put the heart of the matter into words is pretty useful too.

Novelist, also writing for magazines/newspapers. Willing to make personal appearances.
Fiction, Psychology.