Adrian Horn

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Writer of untold stories

"Author of Anaesthesia: astory of love, war and addiction, set in WW1 and Juke box Britain: Americanisation and youth culture 1045-60

I'm a novelist as well as a Cultural and Design Historian. As an academic I specialise in twentieth century Americana, particularly juke boxes and the cultural trappings of young people. I have a long-standing interest in youth culture, design and popular music and have researched these cultural areas for many years.My main academic interests lie in the relationships between design and popular culture and design and style as disseminators of culture and vice versa.

My literary ambitions are in Historical Fiction and drama where I give a voice to those no longer in a positon to present their point of view. My debut novel Anesthesia is a love story set in London against the background of drug addiction in the First World War.



Undertake research projects, Give talks and readings to adults, Novelist
Historical Fiction, Design and Cultural history