Dr Bene Bassetti

Academic, researching psychology of language, bilingualism and language learning.

I am an academic with research interests in the psychology of language, particularly bilingualism and language learning. I have published in major academic journals in the field (such as Journal of Experimental Psychology and International Journal of Bilingualism), co-edited two books (e.g., Language and Cognition in Bilinguals) and various journal special issues (e.g., for Applied Psycholinguistics), contributed to major reference works (e.g., Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism), and co-founded a journal (Writing Systems Research). I am currently writing my first monograph for Routledge. I am a Chartered Linguist and a Chartered Psychologist, and I work as a Senior Lecturer in Bilingualism and Language Learning at the University of Birmingham.

I publish academic papers, contribute to textbooks and reference works, give seminars and workshops, give talks
Language, Linguistics, Psychology, Bilingualism, Language Learning