Margarida Mota-Bull



I write because the stories and characters in my head don't let me sleep at night until I do. I write general fiction in a literary style, meaning with rhythm, good imagery and use of language. My novels generally have a connection to classical music, opera and history, which are three of my greatest passions and are aimed at a well-educated audience with a taste for such subjects . For fiction I use a slightly different name M G da Mota (a small tribute to my parents). Under my proper name (Margarida Mota-Bull), I also write non-fiction, meaning reviews/articles of classical music and opera, and I have occasionally interviewed some famous artists, for example, mezzo Joyce DiDonato and tenors Joseph Calleja and Jonas Kaufmann to name but a few.

I speak four languages: German, English, Portuguese and French. I'm fluent in the first three and I have at times done translations. Although I am not a certified translator, my Master's Degree In Foreign Languages and Literature included subjects on translation techniques. I am also an experienced, accomplished proof-reader, skills I used as teacher/lecturer in Germany and the UK, and as a business analyst in IT when I worked for American Express in Burgess Hill, UK.

I have had a variety of professional experiences in my life - from being a teacher and lecturer to working as a TV presenter, a translator and also a senior business architect in IT at American Express.

Besides reading, history and classical music/opera, I have several other interests. I love travelling and I have lived and worked in different countries across Europe. I enjoy motor racing and I love flying, having a few years ago learned for a while how to fly helicopters. I also enjoy reading and watching TV programmes about astronomy and astro-physics.



Produce material for web sites, Undertake research projects, Write reviews, Novelist
History - 20th Century, Journalistic Work, Music (History of), Novels, Translation theory, Cultural history, Storytelling, Criticism - Literary, Culture, Fiction, History - General, Language/Linguistics/Dyslexia, Literature - General & Various, Music, Musicology, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Translation, History - 20th Century, Journalistic Work, Music (History of), Novels, Translati