Tess Baxter

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From around 2000 I was writing about local and traditional food, landscape and social history, and publishing a range of printed material including two books. I currently have one book in print, The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs.

I am currently in the third year towards a practice based PhD in contemporary art. This involves a good deal of writing in itself, and one of the main theoretical areas is relating literary theory with visual theory, in particular using autoethnography. My practice of video art is intertextual, incorporating my own writing, literature, audio, music and video. I am currently developing my practice into printmaking.

In all of this I am interested in people who use 'found' work, adapting and reshaping it in collaboration. In former years the collections of community cookbooks, today in creative commons and public domain works. They work of the fringes of copyright, resisting the institutions of capitalism that control 'intellectual property' they bought and control, rather than created in the first place.

Virtual worlds, Machinima, digital art. Traditional food of the north of England, Community Cookbooks