Jonathan Emmett

Purveyor of picture and pop-up books about pigs, princesses, pirates and other things that don't begin with the letter "P".

Jonathan worked as an architect before pursuing a career in children’s books.

In addition to writing picture books such as Bringing Down the Moon, Someone Bigger and the The Princess and the Pig, Jonathan also writes and paper-engineers pop-up books. He has written over 60 books and his work has been translated into more than 30 different languages and won several awards including the Red House Children’s Book Award for Pigs Might Fly and the Sheffield Book Award for The Pig’s Knickers.

You can find out more about Jonathan and his books at his website at

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Jonathan is particualry interested in tackling the gender gap in children's reading for pleasure and the gender gap in academic acheivement that relates to it. He addresses these issues on a separate blog at

Jonathan is avalable to be interviewed by email and over the phone or in person for radio or TV. He is happy to talk about his own work, boys' literacy or broader topics relating to children's literature such as the importance of reading for pleasure and school and public libraries. He is also available to write articles.

You can watch one of Jonathan's Notts TV appearances here, listen to him on BBC Radio Wales here and read one of his articles for the New Statesman blog here.

School Visits & Other Bookings

Jonathan is available for “actual” visits to schools in his local East Midlands area. Click here for more details. 

He also offers a limited number of FREE “virtual” school visits (using Skype) to schools that are further afield. Click here for more details.

Jonathan is also available for festivals, conferences and other events.

Picture book writing, Pop-up book design, Talks and readings to schools and adult groups
Children's Literature, Picture Books, Children's Literacy, Boys' Literacy and the Children's Literacy Gender Gap