Richard Martin



Author of Mean Streets and Raging Bulls: The Legacy of Film Noir in Contemporary American Cinema. Co-author of The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go is Who You Are. Ghostwriter of Return of the Vikings: Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change.

My writing services include books, articles, white papers and blog posts. Topics range from neo-generalism, cultural studies and business to literary criticism, film history and sport. These reflect personal research interests, as well as practical experience gained working in a range of industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Editorial support

I assist other authors with their writing projects as both editor and adviser. With many clients, this entails working closely with them on the life cycle of their books and articles, from initial idea through to completed manuscript. In such cases, I provide guidance on structure, style, voice, grammar and content, and serve as sounding board and critical friend. On some projects, my involvement is limited either to helping the author make a start, working with them on structure and scope, or to providing one-off critiques of draft articles, chapters or manuscripts.

writing, editing
neo-generalism, cultural studies, business, literary criticism, film history, sport