Mrs Fiona Linday

Realistic Fiction Author


 After many years supporting literacy in schools, I'm writing about contemporary issues in an easy read manner. My desire is for my adventurous fiction to be relevant and hopeful to the reader. My muse often has a Christian voice and is considerably younger than myself. 

 I've written a young adult novella, 'Get Over It' with Onwards & Upwards. That is a sensitive tale of how a son survives losing his mother. My short stories have been included in my own ebook, called 'The Heavenly Road Trip,' and I've collaborated in the US in 'Spiritual Awakenings: Stories of Praise & Redemption' and at home in CLIKbait's 'Between This Life & The Next' and the 'Welcome to Leicester' Poetry anthology.

 Under a pseudonym, I'm published in 2017 in the US with a full-length suspense novel for new adults.

 Mostly, I'm an accessible author stimulating adults to improve their creative writing by modelling it in vocational settings. 

At present, I'm collating an anthology of learners' work at the Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester. This is in partnership with Renaissance One and Dahlia Publishing. It is thanks to a Grant for the Arts, from the Arts Council England.

Around February 2019, 'Family Matters' Anthology, edited by Fiona Linday, is published by Dahlia Publishing.

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 Please contact me via my website, contacts page.

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I collaborate on local writing projects. I deliver inclusive Creative Writing workshops in the community, give author talks & provide 1:1 writer/artist coaching on Skype. I also hold an Arts Award Advisor qualification to accredit younger learners.
My forte is the short story. However, I use poetry writing to punctuate longer writing projects. At present the writing-in-progress is a third novel. Most of my fiction is contemporary for young and new adults. There has been some shorter, honest prose non-fiction published, too.